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The Quick Draw - 6.26.15

Arms made of steel, a big announcement, a few cool videos and one giant disappointment that we shouldn't be that surprised because Gundy never lets you talk to these types of guys.

Original photo credit: On The Trail - Flickr - Bill Gracey

All right, I liked the format from yesterday and because no one said it was bad, we're going to keep it. Here are today's Quick Draws, take a look at what we've got ready for you.

Home Brewed News

Pistols Firing

The Mothership

The Other Mothership


  • OSU vs OSU, Orange vs Black, It's almost exactly like our spring game, only not really. Oklahoma State didn't add a juggernaut to the future schedule but added someone that isn't UTSA, so that's good.
  • O'Colly

    • I like to promote student work because as a student, I know how hard it can be to balance school and the world of sports journalism. Here's a piece from Mark Travis on the Cowgirls Courtney Dike.

    Fox Sports

    Preview of the play by play and what it will look like: