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The Quick Draw - 6.29.15

A lot of Twitter stuff, a cool recruit from Canada and more in todays Quick Draw! (Eh?)

Original photo credit: On The Trail - Flickr - Bill Gracey

Here's some stuff from today along with some things sprinkled in from this weekend that you probably missed because who checks the Internet on the weekend other than blog guys?

Home Brewed News


Pistols Firing

Twitter Stuff

My Top 5! @DemetricDWarren @MattClareRivals @JeritRoser @charlie_cds3 @coachshaan @MsMiyayo305 @eric_narcisse

I was this big, once. OK, I'll stop lying now.

The Land Grant Gauntlett

The Mothership

The Other Mothership

Cerake Geberkidane comes back from his second place finish in the 5K to win the 10K. #usatfoutdoors