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Incredible Oklahoma State Concept Helmets & Teasers

Its the offseason and the dead period for college football, so let's look at some neat concept helmets we hope to see in the fall under the lights!

Brett Deering/Getty Images

Oklahoma State was one of the first to come out with hundreds of uniform combinations thanks to its success with Nike and the Oregon Ducks.  While they were on the forefront in that aspect, they always seemed a step behind when it came to helmets until this past season when these chrome bad boys were rolled out against Texas Tech.

Now that the team has finally entered into the the helmets race, maybe we'll finally get to see some of those wilder ideas people have been hoping to see.  So we scoured the internet to find those wilder concepts so you can decide your favorite!


First up is four concepts from Chris Knox.  The first, which has been dubbed "Ice", is new jersey with a color scheme of white, black, and silver paired with a silver chrome helmet with black trim.  This combination is in its own category because it could be worn well both at home and on the road.  I'd love to see this combination at Texas Tech this season.


The next, dubbed "Flag", pays homage to the State of Oklahoma by putting the shield from the state flag in white on an orange helmet.  This would be better at home paired with an orange jersey and white or black pants.  This look would be phenomenal this season on Homecoming against the Kansas Jayhawks.

Black Bronc Rider

Chris takes the bronc rider off of the helmets worn against West Virginia last season and puts it on a black helmet.  I would love to see this broken out against TCU or Baylor at home this season in a majority-black uniform.


Chris also made this helmet, which is more or less the same as the striped alt-white helmets introduced in 2013, but on an orange base instead, giving another helmet for a solid home or road look.

Matte Black

Here's a matte black helmet with a huge Pistol Pete on the side that would be used similarly to how the chrome helmets were used this last season.  Although I wish it had Pete's face on it.

Matte Orange

A really simple helmet that would be a great replacement for the current orange Pete helmet would be this blown up version.  I really like how the black facemask really ties the whole thing together.

Orange Chrome Brand

This next one is an alternate version of the orange chrome, replacing Pistol Pete with the brand logo.  Simple and clean and would substitute the original chrome just as well.

Matte White

Matte white with an orange chrome facemask and a giant, matte Pistol Pete? Yes Please!  This would look great with any combination featuring another white piece.  White on white or black on white or orange on white or white on orange...I can't think of single one this wouldn't go great with!

Ghost Pete on Orange

Now here are a few that are more than concepts.  These are actually helmets that the equipment staff may have pieced together but haven't been introduced yet.  The first is a very simple one that looks brilliant.  Orange base, single black stripe, black facemask, Ghost Pete.  Please break these out against TCU with the same jersey-pant combo from the Cactus Bowl.

Ghost Pete on Carbon Fiber

The next one is as mashup of the ghost Pete logo on the carbon fiber helmet worn against Kansas and Baylor in 2012 (but has yet to be seen since) with a black facemask and orange/black/orange stripe.  This helmet would look great with a white jersey and black pants combo on the road or a black jersey grey pants combo at home.  I'd most like to see it worn in DKR when the Cowboys travel down to Austin.

White And Chrome Pete

Here we have what appears to be the orange chrome helmets but without the orange finish, leaving it an icy white and silver combination.  What I would give to see these in an all white combo when the Pokes visit Texas Tech or West Virginia.

Carbon Fiber Pete

This one is technically only a concept but it's the one that all the coaches have been hyping so I wouldn't be least bit surprised if we saw it come to life under the lights.  Its the carbon fiber pattern with an all-orange Pistol Pete and orange facemask.  This would look great with combos of orange and black and maybe some grey pieces thrown in.

Silver Pete

The final two are totally concepts and come from outside the Oklahoma State community so don't think these are rumored or anything.  But they are, however, so on-fire that we couldn't pass them up.  They come from Instagram user Fresh Football Helmets, who makes edits of various college and NFL helmets as well as taking NBA and MLB logos and designing helmets around them.  So far, they've made two Oklahoma State helmets, including one that won a fan voted tournament.  This first one is that helmet.  A silver chrome with a full body Pistol Pete.  Simple but elegant.

Hunter's Camo

The last one is a little bit out of the box but I think it looks stellar.  I have no idea what uniform combination could be worn with it but all I do know is that I want to see it worn against Baylor.  I give you the Hunter's Camo Concept.  Let the bear hunt begin.

That's all of the helmets I was able to find in my massive search, but I'm sure there's some I missed.  What helmets would you like to see the most?