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CRFF Awards - Best Offensive Cowboy 2014-15

We've found out a lot in the past two weeks, so let's get the last voting done so we can vote on who the best overall Cowboy was in the 2014-15 season.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This year, like every other year, offense is key. OSU didn't have a team whose offensive ability was anywhere near what the football team had in 2011, but there were still players and teams who surprised and excelled in multiple situations. This voting will have a familiar face or two from the other awards, but first let's recap what's happened so far.

Award Winners
  • Jacob Chappell - Freshman of The Year
  • Michael Freeman - Senior of The Year
  • Emanuel Ogbah - Defensive Player of The Year

Now, let's take a look at the finalists for this years Offensive Cowboy of the Year.

Le'Bryan Nash

Nash averaged 17.2 points, 5.7 rebounds and two assists in about 31.7 minutes per game this year. Everything about his game was better in 2014-15 than it was in 2013-14 except for his field goal percentage, which took a dive, but that was expected as Nash had to take a lot of the workload after the departure of Brown and Smart last year. Nash scored more than 500 points for the first time in his college career.

Shelby Davis

Even in down years, there can be a bright light. For OSU softball, that light was outfielder Shelby Davis. Davis held a .440, which led the Big 12, while playing 48 games. She was second in the league with 70 hits on the year and stole 45 bases on 47 attempts. Davis is now graduated and playing professional softball with the Pennsylvania Rebellion.

Corey Hassel

When you're on a team with names like Michael Freeman, Donnie Walton and Jon Perrin, all drafted in the MLB Draft this June, some may skip over your name. Hassel made sure no one would make that mistake this year. Hassel had a .312 average, better than anyone who played more than 40 games, picked up 83 total bases and brought in 33 RBI and scored 27 times while slugging .417.He wasn't only a hitter as he made a few solid plays from the outfield and also made three appearances on the mound, yielding a 1.69 ERA.


We couldn't decide on a fourth nominee, that's where the readers come in. There were plenty of options, Mason Rudolph, David Glidden, James Washington, and more. The problem is, these guys only played a few games or only really showed up near the end. If you believe none of the other three players deserve to win the award, vote other and comment, tweet, or leave a comment on Facebook about who should win and your vote will be counted toward the player.