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Oklahoma State Mailbag - 7.14.15

Texas Tech beating OSU, the teams ceiling and floor and could this be the best defense the school has had? I've got answers in the mailbag.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

This is the first edition of the Cowboys Ride For Free Mailbag, we've got some interesting topics and hopefully we'll give you some great answers.

Simply put, no. I don't think this team will have the best defense in the league, let alone in school history. Could it be great? Yes, but it's got a lot of questions in the secondary, where it could be great, but it could also be horrid. However, as I mentioned in my five keys from the other day, if the front seven can find a way to keep the other teams quarterback on his back, the secondary will look much better. To me, the ceiling for this defense is maybe third best in school history and third best in the conference.

Ceiling is 11-1. Before you laugh, let me explain. Ceiling is best possible scenario, OSU won't go 3-0 against Baylor, TCU and OSU, it's just a fact we'll have to live with. TCU was unnaturally healthy last year, I'd put my money on one that not happening again, Baylor will still be good, but OSU threatened them last season also. OU always poises a threat, no matter what, unless it's 2011. Floor is eight wins, in my opinion. Three wins are a given in the tune up weeks and five wins against Kansas, ISU, Texas Tech, West Virginia and Kansas State as well as a possible win over Texas. Obviously those last three teams should be pretty good but they also lost a lot or are looking for an offensive identity.

You could ask the same question about a lot of the national media. They've all obviously skimmed back on the OSU love lately, and it's showing. Now, could OSU lose to Texas Tech? Sure, maybe if Tech finds a way to stop anyone on defense. But Texas Tech simply doesn't have a defense and, according to what I've been told, the team isn't going to exactly find one between now and this fall. Oklahoma State had a bad year last year, the worst in a while, but a lot of media are allowing last season to guide their predictions. We take hits at ESPN a lot, but it's all fun and games, it's July 14, there's going to be a lot of things like this.