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Cowboys Ride For Free Mailbag - 7.19.17

We've got our second mailbag and some interesting questions came up.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The other day we asked questions and now we have your answers. This is the second edition of the mailbag and we hope with it, we've answered some of your questions. Also, to note, this might be updated after Big 12 media days, so come back and check it out.

Defensive tackles

Defensive tackle is clearly the weakest link on what should be a fairly strong defense. Losing some players last year didn't help, seeing as most of the players left at the position have little to no game experience. As of right now I can not tell you who will start, it's the middle of the summer and things can still happen such as injuries, being kicked off the team or a redshirt freshman surprising the coaches. I have heard some things about Vincent Taylor and Eric Davis, though and wouldn't be terribly surprised if it were them.

Something great

Early today, OkState Gents asked what Cowboy football player would win in a dunk contest. I was going to answer with Zach Crabtree because he's the tallest player on the team but David Glidden provided a pretty persuasive argument, with photo proof.

How good can the offense be?

Let me put it this way: No. This team can be good and could be something special, but neither of those two comparisons will work. For one, Ohio State does some great things with three different quarterbacks that OSU, or a lot of teams, couldn't. Weeden was something special, 2011 was something that can not be duplicated. I do think this years running game will be much better than expected and it'll be closer to a 2013 offensive feel than a 2011.

Yes. I am not a huge Yurcich supporter myself, but I do believe he was handcuffed last year. Now, there were plenty of times where I scratched my head, but he lost J.W. Walsh after a game (mind you, the offense worked well that game) and was being forced to try to keep Garman healthy. I believe the second year of this system should get Rudolph to mature more as a player and with many of the playmakers being so young, the Cowboys should be back to, "putting up video game numbers," soon enough.