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Cowboys Ride For Free: King Explains The Rankings

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in. Let's do it.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, the votes have been compiled, the results are in, and I thought this issue was put to bed. But then the King signal went out (I got an email with offers of PBR) and some commentary was asked for, so here we go. Firstly, let's list the composite rankings:

1: TCU

2: OSU

3: BU

4: OU

5: UT

6: WVU

7: KSU

8: TTU

9: ISU

10: KU

Now that that's over, we'll dive into my rankings and my reasoning behind them. But first I'd like to pour out a 40 for Charlie Weis. Beyond losing the Schematic Advantage, I am now devoid of coaches to make fat jokes about. Sure, you say Mark Mangino is still the offensive coordinator at Iowa State, and I could make jokes about him, but Cyclone football doesn't need help making jokes. Let's rank em:

1: Oklahoma State- I hear you, out there in internet land complaining this is a homer pick. You can say I don't have good reasons to pick us first, and to you I say you're right, and kiss my ass. However, I'll give you two reasons for having us this high. One, I expect our defense to be good this season, and I don't just mean Big 12 good. Second, we have the Frogs, Bears, and Sooners at home. Moving on;

2: Texas Christian- Assuming the Frogs can make it this offseason without losing half the starters to drug busts, they should be in for another great season. They have there revenge game against Baylor at home, but then they play at Tech, KSU, OSU, and OU. So second it is.

3: Oklahoma- Why do I have them this high? The goons are finally rounding back into the form they've been missing for a few decades. They've got players beating women, rapists, evidence getting suppressed, chaplains getting busted for drug possession, Mike Stoops Face, and too many running backs to name. All we need are some gun charges and the good old days are back.

4: Baylor- Why fourth? Michigan State.

5: Texas- I don't know anything about Texas football, but I wish instead of Charlie Strong the Longhorns hired Charlie Murphy.

6: West Virginia- Word on the street is Dana Holgorsen has done Dana things, and may have some important people upset at him. But their wives love him.

7: Kansas State- I continue to doubt the purple wizard, and I will continue to be wrong.

8: Texas Tech- In the battle for last, Tech is losing. Also will probably win about 5 games this year.

9: Kansas- Who is coaching there now?

10: Iowa State- I heard them called giant killers this week. I think they went into retirement after 2011.

So that's my take on the rankings. As far as any other predictions, I think I'll drink too much, OSU will lose more games than they should, and someone other than TCU or Baylor will win the conference.

Go Pokes