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Big 12 Media Day - What I've Learned

I'm here at Big 12 Media Days, here's some things I've learned.

It's been a long five-plus hours but it's been worth it and entertaining in a lot of ways here in Dallas at the Omni Hotel. The Big 12 is changing, but it isn't changing in the way many a fan wants it to and the commissioner is attempting to make some strides toward bringing a Big 12 team back to the national championship. Here's a list of some things I've picked up this morning from the third floor of one of the nicer hotels in north Texas.

  • Bob Bowlsby is changing the way teams in the Big 12 practice. There will be only two days of hitting each week, one day of practice and one day for games. This means injuries from practice should slow down quite a bit.
  • Some players and coaches are confused as to how many practices they used for hitting last year, but in the end it really doesn't matter. The move is more of a PR move anyway.
  • There aren't as many teams in the conference who want more teams brought in, but there are a few. Bowlsby obviously wouldn't say how many or who, but he did mention there are some willing to listen to both sides of the argument but for the most part, he feels that most feel 10 teams is more than enough.
  • There will not be any nonconference schedule changes from the conference itself, unless the teams do that themselves.
  • Boren MIGHT be alone in the whole conference thing.
  • TCU coach Gary Paterson said his team will embrace the national recognition and expectations and that it's different because last year they had to prove people wrong, this year they're proving people right.
  • Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said he will name a quarterback soon. I would feel safe putting my money on Pat Mahomes.
  • Bill Snyder is still a wizard.
  • New Kansas coach David Beaty is a great guy, really charismatic. He may steal a recruit or two from some teams soon.
  • Dana Holgorsen is still funny and worth talking to as always. The Mountaineer mascot is great, too.
I'll be back tonight with some more, for now I'm going to finish my lunch and then the breakout sessions should start, where I'll get to ask players and coaches hard questions.