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Big 12 Media Days - Day 2

Yeah, it was here yesterday, but it's finally time for Oklahoma State fans to get to hear from Gundy and a few of his guys.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It's the second and final day of Big 12 Media Days here at the Omni Hotel in Dallas and let me tell you, I wouldn't mind coming to work every day here. However, that's not the case, today is the last time I'll be able to afford to step in here for the next year until we come back here to talk 2016 college football.

Before we go any further, let's take a look at some of the story lines coming out of the ballroom today that you should look out for. First, we will start off with Oklahoma State.

Oklahoma State

  • Mason Rudolph progression
  • Running back situation
  • defensive tackle situation
  • Letting Doug Meacham leave for a team in the conference.
  • Transfers becoming a big part of the OSU culture.
  • Trying to beef up the schedule a little more in the future.
  • I wonder if Gundy would say beating OU was borderline erotic.
  • A lot more that I probably shouldn't go down a full list.


  • Trevor Knight and his relationship with Mason Rudolph.
  • The running back situation there compared to the one in Stillwater.
  • Their quarterback situation
Those are the main story lines I would watch out for. Obviously there will be numerous more, from Paul Rhodes being on the hot seat to Charlie Strong attempting to play football without an offense, but those come straight to my mind when you're talking about relation to OSU football. I will be here all day again and will be readily able to answer any and all questions via Twitter or Facebook.