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Big 12 Media Days - Day 2

A list of things I learned while here in Dallas today.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was a long, dragging day for anyone in the Oklahoma media today. As everyone scrambled to get both OU and OSU players and coaches while trying not to ignore Baylor or Texas, I decided to stay relatively close to home. Here are some things I learned during the second days of Big 12 Media Days.

  • Everyone loves Kansas coach David Beaty. He's still getting love.
  • Shawn Oakman gets a lot of attention, deservedly, and he loves it.
  • Also, Oakman isn't huge like Twitter pictures hype him to be. He's huge, like LeBron huge, not huge like Dwayne Johnson huge.
  • Mason Rudolph is loved by his teammates. Not a single negative thing said, he's very poised and very charismatic. He's not a vocal leader but he's an example leader. He hung out with Trevor Knight on his birthday and the two have become pretty close friends over the past year. Basically, from what I was told, Mason Rudolph doesn't seem to make anyone mad.
  • Trevor Knight is genuinely a great guy. You'll kill me for saying this on an OSU site, but he is.
  • Bob Stoops takes the blame for losing Bedlam, as he probably should.
  • Art Briles is funny.
  • Mike Gundy in a good mood makes everyone in a good mood.
  • Gundy said most transfers have seen guys like Furman and Patmon come in and get drafted and in turn, has given him the opportunity on some transfers he wouldn't have had before.
  • Kevin Peterson said one word to describe the defense was relentless.
  • David Glidden was great. He yielded questions about Rudolph for about 30 minutes and didn't complain. He shouldn't have to put up with that, but he did, great job man.
  • J.W. Walsh mentors Rudolph (obviously) and it works out fantastically.
  • Villi Leveni would've been the starting defensive tackle, the injury is the worst one OSU could've gotten.
  • The people in Ames are literally one of the top reasons recruits go there, according to coach Rhodes.