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Big 12 Media Days - Superlatives

I give awards to the top people and teams from the Big 12 these past two days.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a few superlatives that I feel I should give out to some teams and players or even coaches after attending Big 12 Media Days. Some of these guys really changed my views on the teams and their potential season, along with my preseason poll.

Most Underrated Team - West Virginia

WVU is going to be good. I had them in one of my earlier preseason rankings at seven I believe and said they could go 0-4 in their first four conference games. I was wrong. This team won't go 0-4, 2-2 is more reasonable. That isn't much better, but the defense will hold them together in certain games and the OSU trip to Morgantown will be impossibly difficult.

Most Overrated Team - Oklahoma

I think OU is the most overrated because of a few guys. One, the quarterback situation. Two, the fact Mike Stoops is still coaching the defense. The defense has star power, but it still isn't playing well. Unless there is a major turnaround, I don't see them being that No. 3 team the media has them as.

Nicest Guy - David Glidden/Trevor Knight

I couldn't be mean enough to keep one of these guys from winning the award. They were both great and both very accommodating. I don't even care that one plays for the guys in Norman.

Funnest Coach - David Beaty

This guy was pretty great. Hope he can turn it around even a little bit, he brings an excitement to the league that not a lot of guys do.

Coolest Interview - Bill Snyder

Interviewing Gundy was obviously awesome, but Snyder was fun and it was great to be in the presence of such a great coach. He's also pretty open about everything.


My friend Jordan Woodruff at Triple Play Sports Radio in Stillwater did this. I pick a team to either buy or sell stock in. I'm selling Texas Tech by the ton. Don't believe anything anyone says about this team, they don't have a defense to stop anyone else. I'm buying stock in WVU, as I mentioned earlier, the defense they have could be scary running through the conference.

Most Hopeful Team - Oklahoma State

OSU was probably the most excited team to be there. Gundy was happy, everyone was happy and no one asked them anything negative. OSU could have a pretty great year, if some things go right and the injury bug keeps out of Stillwater. But look out, a confident team is a dangerous team.