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The Quick Draw - Eskimo Joe's Birthday and Big Time Recruiting

Here is today's Quick Draw, hope you enjoy your lunch

Home Brewed News

Jeremy and I both went on and gave a short prediction to what the OSU season could look like.

It's Joes anniversary. What's your favorite anniversary OR Joe shirt, ever?

Pistols Firing

  • Oklahoma State is recruiting sophomore (in high school) Christian Tutt from Georgia and OSU wasn't even the first to offer him. The corner has offers from Alabama, Georgia and OU already. Kyle Boone provided a storyfor us with a video of the corners highlights.
  • Offensive line was a glaring and ugly hole on the team last year, allowing way too many sacks. So Gundy went out and picked up five for this fall. One, Matt Kellerman left in the middle of the day a few weeks into spring practice and now another one has left for Tyler Junior College. That leaves three.

The Mothership

The Other Mothership

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