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Former Oklahoma State QB Zac Robinson Talks About Mason Rudolph

In an interview with Bill Haisten of The Tulsa World, Robinson was able to talk a little bit about what he likes about Mason Rudolph and what he helped him with.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone in the Oklahoma State community knows the name of former quarterback Zac Robinson, who owns the school record of career passing yards (10,175). That list extends to current starter Mason Rudolph, who enlisted in Robinson this summer for some offseason help.

Robinson spent some time in the NFL but is now runs a quarterback training academy. In the interview with Bill Haisten, Robinson said spending time in the NFL as a backup taught him to obsess over mechanics. This academy enticed Rudolph to contact Robinson recently, where Robinson said he has impressed but there is always work to be done.

"Mason reached out to me. He sent me an email, saying he wanted some offseason coaching and asking about the possibility of doing some work with me," Robinson said in the interview with The Tulsa World. "I wanted to make sure that everyone at OSU was cool with it, so I checked with coach Yurcich (Cowboy offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich). Coach Yurcich said, ‘Hey, man, I trust you. We're good.'

"So, yeah, I've gotten to know Mason pretty well. What an impressive kid."

In the full article, Robinson mentioned if Rudolph were to break the record, he'd be fine with him having it.

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