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The Quick Draw - An Embarrassing Pun, A Trip To Winter Park and More

Come by and check out the July 29 edition of The Quick Draw

Home Brewed News

  • He may be old and not know how to fully work Twitter, but Robert knows how to make a pretty fun survey. Take this poll and tell us how you think the OSU season may turn out.
  • Calvin Barnett has been looking for a place to stay in the NFL for a year now. It seems the Miami Dolphins have signed the former Cowboy defensive lineman to a one year deal.
  • The basketball team went to winter park, which looks like fun.

Pistols Firing

  • OSU lost a  2016 defensive tackle Handsome Tanielu to Utah today, he said he would probably commit to OSU not long ago and turns around and does this. Not very, handsome, man. (sorry, I'll show myself out).
  • Oklahoma State has churned out some top receiver talent in recent years and is looking to bring in the next group. A four-star receiver, Audie Omotosho, said he would be visiting Stillwater on Twitter.

Newspapers and other sites

  • I love listening to (reading) former OSU athletes talk and tell us what they're thinking about the current situation at the school. 
  • The OKC Thunder got those new 'orange' jerseys, but are they even really orange? It looks more like orange-red, that weird crayon that no one ever really wanted in elementary school. NewsOK asked if this could splitThunder fans in the middle, which I highly doubt.

The Mothership