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The Quick Draw - Free Beer and Golfing With OSU Players

Here's today's Quick Draw

Home Brewed News

  • Two Oklahoma State basketball players were put onto a list that didn't have much to do with their skill on the court. Because everyone seems to forget these guys are also going to school.
  • That guy that Bob Stoops punted twice to (what's his name again?) said he was going to Akron. I think he either lied or something went wrong because he isn't on the roster.
  • In case you missed it, Rickie Fowler hit a hole in one. While I sat and dreamed of hitting par, he also gave out free beer to the media afterward. We love you, Rickie.
  • Here's something cool, Nick Tyler put together a piece that sort of dives into what Oklahoma State's world would be like if the Big 12 ever did die out and you know, we had to find a new home. As long as it isn't the SEC...

Pistols Firing

The Mothership

  • I've sort of noticed this also, but while OSU has still gotten good and great recruits, none of these have been amazing, yet (Rudolph could be one, yes). So OSU has gone back to how it recruited when it brought in guys like Blackmon and Hunter. Probably a good idea, considering the success of those teams.

The Other Mothership