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The Quick Draw - In Case You Weren't Drinking Enough Kool-Aid, Injuries and Yurcich Really Isn't Terrible

What if I told you injured players can come back and Mike Yurcich wasn't the worst coach in the world, would you believe me? Disclaimer: The Quick Draw picture went MIA this afternoon, not good.

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Home Brewed News

  • Losing players is never a good thing. Losing arguably your best defensive back for two weeks is even worse. Peterson is out with a minor injury and should be ready for the CMU game on September 3, but it's still never good seeing a guy go down in practice.
  • In case you're only sippin' on the Orange Kool-Aid, Kasey Dunn is here to tell you some things to make you start shotgunning it.
  • Victor Irokansi was forced to retire from football due to injury as he announced it this Saturday. Not good news for the team, however Gundy said he will be put on medical scholarship and will get to finish out his degree. Good for him, we need more athletes with their heads on straight like this.

Pistols Firing

The Mothership

The Other Mothership

  • Before we got to ask coaches and players how practice is going, you fans got to go to fan appreciation day. It seemed like fun, but I didn't go. Here's a look at it.