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Vote For Oklahoma State In Reddit Fan Poll

Not doing anything tonight? Here's what you can do.

Matty54 on Reddit

With all of the media, coaches and websites doing these preseason polls lately, it's time for your voice to be heard. Reddit user, Matty54, did a fan poll last year to see what school has what fans and where they typically reside. To say the least, Oklahoma State wasn't exactly represented well, only taking a little bit of the Northern part of Oklahoma.


Well, Matty54 is doing it again. This time the questions include county instead of city in which you live, which should give OSU more of a fair shake at being represented throughout the fair state of Oklahoma. It also asks why you are a fan of the program: bandwagon, alum or just a fan, he wants to do this to find out what schools have the biggest bandwagon fans throughout the country. In the comments, Matty54 says he will likely have two maps of the data but hasn't yet answered how long the voting will be up. So sign into your G-mail and get to voting for the Cowboys.