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Mike Gundy Tweets Out Practice Information

Well, this is weird.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It's not every day we get to see the Twitter account of Mike Gundy sending out little bits of information about practice or games or whatever. Usually it's a picture with former players here or there, sprinkled with Tweets congratulating other Oklahoma State coaches on wins, birthdays or even the occasional "Pistols Firing from ___" when a recruit commits.

But recently, he, or whoever runs the account, has been giving those of us who aren't gifted with the opportunity to attend, some insight on the practices going on in Stillwater. Here are some Tweets from today.

I like this one because it's not often Gundy talks about his quarterbacks.

We've been talking about Peterson, Hunter and Richards. But apparently these two have been playing fairly well in practice.

Just from a few days ago, some more Kool-Aid for you to drink about Carr.

Coach left us today with this little bit of information, the same kind that coaches hand out every day.

Follow @CoachGundy, he isn't going to become a regular Twitter presence, but some of this stuff might be enough for you to drink that extra bit of Kool-Aid each day.