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Jerry Palm Bowl Projections Predicts Upsetting Season For Oklahoma State

Jerry Palms bowl projections are ignoring any and all hype thrown toward the Cowboy faithful

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, Jerry Palm predicts things, he does this for college football and basketball. Of course every once and a while he gets things right, as many do, but being human, he still gets things wrong. So there's no real reason for anyone to be mad at Palm, but this does seem to come off a bit fishy. Palm predicted Oklahoma State to play in the Texas Bowl, the same one that the Longhorns played in last year against Arkansas.

That would set the Cowboys up for another seven, maybe eight, win season at best. That's pretty low compared to what some people around the Big 12 are thinking could happen in Stillwater, but not completely out of the realm of possibilities.

Here's a look at the other Big 12 teams predicted to make bowls.

TCU vs. Auburn Cotton Bowl Dec. 31
Baylor vs. Alabama Sugar Bowl Jan. 1
Texas vs. Boston College Cactus Bowl Jan. 2
Kansas State vs. Mississippi State Liberty Bowl Jan. 2
Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M Texas Bowl Dec. 29
Notre Dame vs. West Virginia Russell Athletic Bowl Dec. 29
Oklahoma vs. Stanford Alamo Bowl Jan. 2

Some surprising teams may make the list for other conferences but overall, I'd say these are probably the teams in the Big 12 most likely to make the bowl games. However, not so sure about the bowl match ups. Where should Oklahoma State play, the New Years Eve/Day games? Maybe, maybe not, but right now many might say it's not extremely likely they win only seven games.