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CRFF Roundtable predictions - Can the Cowboys survive the magic of the great Wizard Snyder?

Oklahoma State hosts Kansas State next, and we talk about it even though it won't happen for another few weeks.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

All of the CRFF staff still has Oklahoma State as undefeated up to this point so let's see if the Cowboys will continue the run and get to five wins this week.


OSU 28 KSU 14

If this game was in Kansas, it'd be closer. KSU keeps it close because of a freshman who surprises the OSU defense. Rudolph throws two touchdowns but a Kevin Peterson 85-yard interception return is the highlight of the week. The game is close because the SnyderCats always have someone who can make any game close.


OSU 42, KState 13

He might be the Purple Wizard (and Squinky's godfather), but there's only so much you can do when that much offensive talent leaves Manhattan. OSU continues to roll out the "power" spread, with Chris Carson packing the punch and providing Rudolph with plenty of play action opportunities. Jeff Carr records his first punt return TD in conference play (2nd of the season), and the Cowboys defense is too much for an inexperienced Wildcat offense. OSU cruises to an easy win.

Now they must prepare for what many in the preseason think is a dangerous contest in Morgantown. This will likely be the game that determines whether or not this group that Gundy is so excited about is truly a contender, or if they are simply preparing for 2016.


OSU 28 KSU 24.

OSU (even in its best years) is good for at least one ugly win a year. Snydercat knows how to make it ugly. I say OSU takes a very uncomfortable one point lead into half time in what turns out to be a battle of field position. The Pokes come out fired up in the first drive of the 2nd half, and march right down the field for a TD. They then spend the rest of the game holding on. This will include KSU driving down to the OSU 40 yard line with a chance to win before Ogbah has a strip sack and recovery to wrap up a victory.

Cameron Osburn

OSU 38 KSU 24

Too much offensive talent for snider to replace. In reality, too much talent in general. OSU wins rather easily, the pokes are up 38-17 at the end of 3 before a garbage time TD making it look closer. 

Rudolph is very efficient In his first conference game at bps throwing for over 250 and 3 total TD's. Ogbah has 2 and a half sacks, and everyone leaves with their heads in the clouds as the pokes are at 5-0 and inside the top 17 now. But a true test in Morgantown awaits.


OSU 31 KSU 21

Cowboy defense keeps the Wildcats in check and keeps them off the scoreboard until late in the second quarter. The offense starts slow, but eventually picks up and the Pokes go into the half 20-7. The Wildcats try to catch up late but cannot pass whatsoever; they end the day with two interceptions and a poor completion percentage thanks to the performance of the Cowboys' secondary.

Josh Poteet

OSU 45  KSU 17

I think OSU is the most impressive they've been all year against KState as they pummel the Purple People Eaters (is that right?) behind a strong game from the OkState running backs. Defense will play well and the whole game too as Gundy will try to impress pollsters as the Pokes march up the standings.

Ranking after this week? No. 19.

Nick Tyler

OSU 35 -KSU 17

Oklahoma State plays a pretty average game against a very inexperienced K-State team. The defense plays very well all game long and the offense scores more times than it doesn't. Rudolph plays well tossing for 3 TD's while the running game generates the other 2. The defense shuts down KSU's offense until late in the game when they get 10 points in the 4th. The Cowboys are riding high heading into a showdown in Morgantown.

Colin Price

OSU 31 KSU 20

Their defense is stout and the passing game struggles at times against their strong DBs but the lack talent on the line allows a Carson-Childs-Carr combo to wear the defense down until the safeties start cheating up and the Washington/Sheperd have a good day.

Cade Webb

OSU 41 KSU 17

I try to never count out a Snyder coached team. And even with that philosophy, I can't help but think that the Cats are in for a disappointing season. LOTS of talent lost in Manhattan, and OSU will be looking to make a statement at home in an early conference game. Rudolph throws 3 TD's and 320 yards, and Carson and Childs combine for 180 on the ground and 2 TD's. The defense excels, forcing 4 turnovers, including 2 interceptions from a very inexperienced QB. This one isn't close.

There you have it, the CRFF staff seems to have Oklahoma State at 5-0 after five games, something that would certainly have the team at least in the top 20. So, how do the fans think the Cowboys will be after the visit from the Wildcats?