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CRFF Roundtable Predictions - Oklahoma State Visits Mogantown

The West Virginia Mountaineers could prove to be the hardest road game for Oklahoma State in 2015

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Only a few months ago, West Virginia was a trendy pick to finish in the bottom four of the Big 12 after losing its quarterback, No. 1 receiver and much more of the 2014 team. However, in recent months, the Mountaineers warts have begun to disappear and many are jumping on the burning couch bandwagon. Unfortunately, that means a rowdy fan base awaits Oklahoma State when they travel to Morgantown, West Virginia, on October 10. Can the Cowboys escape one of the more hostile environments in the Big 12 or will their first loss of the CRFF Predictions Roundtable be on the way?

Here we go...


OSU 41 WVU 38

I am on the very edge of this being the complete opposite. However, I think Rudolph and the Cowboys had enough experience since Baylor last year of playing in hostile environments and can get over the hump with a late field goal from Ben Grogan. If this is right, and West Virginia plays like I think they can all year, there will be an upset win for them sometime in the first few weeks where they play Baylor, TCU, OU and OSU.


OSU 45, WVU 42

Great Gerald, you stole my score.

Rudolph's first three starts were on the road in tough environments, and that pays dividends in Morgantown.
With Kansas and Tech on the horizon, the Cowboys stand a pretty good chance now of welcoming TCU to Stillwater holding an 8-0 record and rapidly climbing in the polls.

Thomas Flemming

OSU 41 WVU 34

OSU defense plays pretty well against the 'Eers and the offense pulls out some new plays and concepts to throw off the WVU defense. WVU gets shut out in the first quarter but makes a 14-0 run in the second to bring the score 20 - 14 at the half. From that point, it's a true shootout. Rudolph gets sacked three times but throws over 150 and has 3 TD's through the air. Walsh plays more than expected and runs in for a score. WVU gets picked off on their last possession, ending the game.

I feel like we're going to start getting attacked by opposing fans for being so optimistic. Oh well.

Colin Price

OSU 28 WVU 20

Both defenses will be great but OSU has just a little more offense. Dana does Dana things and develops a strong passing game from nothing but OSU's offense is already in sync.

Zach Collums

OSU 49  WVU 45

The fighting Holgersens give OSU a nail-biter for their 6th straight win of the season. Rudolph shows the calm and collection of a seasoned quarterback, fighting through a early interception for TD early in the game. Rudolph breaks the 500 yard mark for the first time this season, showing that their might be real proof behind a dark horse heisman run for the sophomore.

Although the running game suffers( relatively, they have an average game of 150 combined rushing yards), the receivers flourish and solidify themselves as the most integral part of the offense this season. The defense, although giving up the most points they have all season, make big plays down the stretch in a tough away gameenvironment.

By this time, combined with the losses of some top 15 teams, OSU is in the top 15, looking to climb with two more foreseeable wins before the biggest test of the season, TCU.

Cameron Osburn

WVU 38 OSU 31

Morgantown proves to be too much for the Pokes as they are brought down to earth. Defense struggles for first time this year and Rudolph just can't quite make the big play when it's needed. And I run and hide for this prediction.

Robert - At least you didn't predict, you know, something that would cause mass hysteria...


WVU 31 OSU 21

Morgantown is incredibly tough place to play, and WVU is going to be very good this year.

Chris Ross

Oklahoma State 35, West Virginia 38

Cowboys roll into Morgantown undefeated, but won't leave that way. Blame the travel, the environment, whatever, but it comes down to a missed last-second field goal by Grogan, and it goes to Overtime. The Rudolph tries to do too much, and gets picked off in the endzone. West Virginia puts one just inside the upright to pull off the win. Holgorsen shotguns six Red Bulls, Gundy tucks in his jacket, and couches will burn.