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If this was basketball, OSU would stand a chance of winning. But this is football, which means the Cowboys WILL win.


"Coach, how many games will Kansas win this season?"
"Coach, how many games will Kansas win this season?"
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After a solid stretch of games to start the season, including road trips to Texas and West Virginia, OSU takes full advantage of their only bye week to get prepared for...oh hell, who are we kidding...these are not your "Daxx Garman" Cowboys.

OSU 52, KU 10

And we actually have to make this prediction why???

There is no bigger waste of a bye week than the Lamehawks. Nobody cares, because there is nothing to care about except an easy win.

Most important thing OSU must accomplish this week? Make sure their STD shots are up to date with Lubbock on the horizon.

OSU 63, KU 0

Ugly, and fast.

OSU 55, KU 6

Nothing but field goals in the 4th on both sides. Taylor Cornelius plays the 4th after JW starts the 3rd. Mason throws 2, JW throws 1 and runs 1, and Carson, Childs, and Carr each get one to put the wallop on the Jayhawks. Raymond Taylor and Todd Mays split carries in the 4th.

OSU 61, KU 17

Cowboys dominate the Jayhawks on both sides of the ball. This is a boring prediction.

OSU 63, KU 7

After coming off a close win in Morgantown the Pokes take out their anger on poor Kansas. This pick is probably the safest all year.

OSU 60, KU 10

Not much to see here. Walsh gets a lot of playing time and looks good. Defense suffocates KU, and the Jayhawks don't score until late in the second quarter with a field goal. The most interesting thing about this game is the Cowboys' uniform combination. Seriously.

OSU 77, KU 13

Wait.... Are we talking basketball here? We might have to switch the scores in that case...

KU has nowhere near the talent to stop the OSU machine that is affectionately called offense, a word that hardly describes how good this one is. Mason Rudolph takes the Cowboys to 7-0 with another 500 yard game with 4 touchdowns, making this the second such game for him to do so. Carson also has a record day with 250 yards and 4 touchdowns. Cowboys are still undefeated, looking to smash tech to get ready for TCU.

OSU 52, KU 6

OSU rebounds from the tough loss in Morgantown to improve to 6-1. Kansas can only muster 2 field goals, with one coming in garbage time long after the starters are pulled. OSU is relatively conservative offensively as they don't need to be creative. Lots of read option, and the Cowboys rush for close to 300. Rudolph has an efficient day but isn't asked to do all that much, 225ish yards and 3 TD's.