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Buy or Sell: Oklahoma State Football goes 8-0 to start the season?

With a weak nonconference schedule and the easier teams in the Big 12 set up before playing TCU, can Oklahoma State roll off eight straight wins?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Going undefeated for an entire season in college football is one of the hardest accomplishments to achieve for a team. With exponential pressure to perform and continue the streak ever game, the task gets harder and harder with each win.

For Oklahoma State, going undefeated will be what some think is an insurmountable feat. Two preseason Top 5 teams (TCU and Baylor) as as well a Top 20 team (OU) lie toward the end of the schedule, leaving a mighty challenge for a team that still has big question marks to start the season.

Although an undefeated season might be near impossible this season for Oklahoma State, rolling off eight straight wins is a much more likely proposition to consider. With the meat of the schedule after the eighth game and lower tier conference teams at the beginning of conference play, starting the season 8-0 is not such a crazy thought.

Now, let's buy or sell:

Buy- Oklahoma State goes 8-0 to start the season

This proposition, though discounting the few trap games on OSU's schedule, is not as crazy as it sounds. Non conference for Oklahoma State is a cakewalk, with the only challenge being an only mildly successful MAC team. So there is 3-0 right there. The next three games are trickier but nothing what looks like an offensive machine can't handle.

Away games at Texas and West Virginia seem tough at first glance, but when you analyze the teams deeper, the flaws become readily apparent. UT and WVU lack returning offensive threats and a starting QB that could lead either team. As long as the offensive lines hold up in both of these games, OSU's offense should be able to simply over power the defenses of UT and WVU.

Sandwiched in between the two away games is a home game against Kansas State. Although Snyder is a maverick home and away, the lack of offensive firepower after Tyler Lockett left to the NFL has left this team without any real teeth to give OSU a real scare, especially at home.

Now at 6-0, the Cowboys not only have the momentum working in their favor but also the fact that the next game is basically a scrimmage. A Kansas team that was in bad shape even before many of their best skill players were hurt or suspended will not give OSU any real threat and added with the fact that it is a home game and Homecoming, I personally feel sorry for Kansas. .

The last game on this trip to 8-0 is Texas Tech. Although crazy things can happen down in Raiderland, Texas Tech doesn't hold a candle to the machine created by an 7-0 OSU team.

Sell- Oklahoma State starts off the season at 7-1 or worse

Lets not joke around here. The nonconference schedule for Oklahoma State should start off the Cowboys at at least 3-0. However, the rest of the schedule leading up to TCU is littered with trap games and legitimately tough games along the way.

Road games against tough away stadiums should give scare to OSU fans looking to start off the season 8-0. DKR, when full, is a beast not to be tangled with and if the Cowboys let up whatsoever in that stadium, they could see their first loss of the season. Facing the Mountaineers in what could very likely be a night game is an even more dangerous proposition. WVU crowd has a tendency to eat hopeful teams up for dinner at night in that stadium and the Cowboys are no different.

Although KSU is a home game, the Wildcats with Snyder at the helm are nothing to look over. The Fighting Snyders have, with consistency, picked up a game they shouldn't have won each year, and if OSU isn't careful, they could fall victim.

In this case, Kansas is much like the nonconference schedule. There is not much the Jayhawks can put up against OSU in football and this game is just a warm-up for the battles to come in basketball. Which brings us to our last trap game, Texas Tech.

The Raiders are known for having a crazy home crowd, and if the Cowboys are undefeated coming into Lubbock, it will be tough to leave unscathed. Add in the fact that in this case, it will most likely be a late evening or night game, with only compounds the problem. Kliff Kingsbury is slowly becoming a scary coach to play against, and he tends to thrive as an underdog.

With so many trap games that could be the end of an 8-0 undefeated streak or games that could set up a undefeated challenge between OSU and TCU, its hard to know which situation is more likely.

So what do you think, buy or sell?