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We've got it all this respect for Tech, Josh invokes the ghosts of losses past, and King makes an honorary appearance to discuss health issues in Lubbock.

"I'm sexy and I know it"
"I'm sexy and I know it"
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for Kliff to do more than just stand around looking good, but MOST of us don't think that is going to happen.

OSU 52, Texas Tech 28

I think this might play out much like 2013, with things staying fairly close until the 2nd half where Tech will start acting like who they really are. I expect the "power spread" to be on full display for OSU, as the Cowboy backs round into form for the stretch run.

Biggest need? The Cowboys need to get past this game healthy at the key positions. TCU looms.

And Tech fans think they've got a shot at this? Here's my penny couldn't beat a team led by Daxx Garman and zero offensive line. This year's Cowboys will be appreciably better than the version you faced last season, so you must think Kingsbury swapped out your team for a new squad capable of winning the conference.

At least we're drinking Kool-Aid that tastes good. You're drinking swill and trying to convince yourselves that it's champagne when it's just Colt45 malt liquor...maybe...

Just savor the fact that you're marginally better than Kansas and be done with it.

OSU 62, Texas Tech 32

Oklahoma States defensive reputation takes a hit because of the 32 points but people begin to realize Tech can only play on one side of the ball. People start to wonder if Tech had a defense, could they compete in the Big 12? Cowboys pull away in the last quarter and a half.

OSU 59, Texas Tech 13

By this time, OSU is finally getting the recognition in national polls. They are one of very few teams that are still undefeated by this point in the season, and even though they have one of the weakest opening schedules, OSU will need the momentum going into TCU. Whether it is deserved or not deserved, the Cowboys are close to the top 12 by the Monday after this game.

Although Kliff is a decent coach, he cannot stop the machine that is the Cowboys offense. By the time of this game, Rudolph is more than just a dark horse for Heisman, Carson and Childs are routinely wearing down opposing defenses, and our special teams (Grogan kicking field goals and extra points, Carr, or whoever else returns kicks and punts, scoring return touchdowns). The Raiders throw up a surprise touchdown on the first drive but Rudolph and his merry band of receivers quickly run up three touchdowns and leave Texas Tech in the dust. And we haven't even started talking about the defense.

Oklahoma States defense is known by this time in the season as a ball hawking stingy defense, harkening back to some of the best defenses, specifically 2011. Ogbah is getting awards hype for the best defensive player, while the secondary routinely makes receivers and their quarterbacks look silly.

8-0 coming back to Stillwater for what will most definitely be a night game between undefeated opponents and potentially top ten teams? Sign me up buttercup.

Texas Tech 31, OSU 30

I've got a bad feeling about this one. This is a trap game and the Pokes are going to lose it. As they head into Lubbock ranked near the top 10, they will be looking forward to a showdown with TCU the next week. Tech will relish in the opportunity as they pressure Rudolph into three interceptions en route to a Cowboy loss. Tech will hit a FG to win as time expires.

Gerald: Man Josh Poteet, you're crazy

Josh: This is my big upset of the year. You're all crazy if you think that OkState won't let you down. In OSU's best season ever they still choked in a game.

Robert: You had to bring it up...

Zach: Don't you wish that on us Ricky Bobby!

Gerald: Josh you realize all the readers will see these comments, right?

Robert: Whether he realizes it or not, the comments are included. Witness protection may be necessary.

Gerald: Josh, hide. Put your Twitter (@JoshPoteet) on private!

Josh: Most OSU fans I talk to realize that the team will choke in at least one game. It always happens. It's like KU winning the Big 12 MBB title every year - until they lose it, I'm not picking anyone else. Until OSU doesn't choke in a game, I'll pick them to choke in at least one game.

Robert: I'm throwing up my hands. Can't protect someone who doesn't think he needs protection.

Speaking of protection.......

OSU 42, Herpes 17

It's Lubbock, so the Raiders have a chance if all our guys are sick from the numerous diseases they'll surely contract. Going to Lubbock requires more preventative vaccinations than an African safari. Assuming the germs don't get them, Tech will suck hard this year and we'll roll.

Robert: I thought they were called "Red" Raiders because of the rash...

OSU 45, Texas Tech 28

Cowboys and Raiders compete in a shootout, but TTU can't run the ball at all and they end up throwing two interceptions. OSU uses Carson and Childs to shred the Tech defense, and the game is over by late third quarter.

OSU 56, Texas Tech 31

Tech proves they can score, but that they can't stop ANYTHING. Shocker, right? If Garman was able to pick them apart, just think about what Rudolph is going to do. I'm expecting a 400 yard game with 4-5 TD's. Kool aid is once again being downed in Stillwater as OSU has back-to-back big wins following the close loss in Morgantown.

Gerald: #TheseTakesAreOnFire