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CRFF FANS HAVE SPOKEN: KoolAid has been consumed in mass quantities

Worried about Morgantown...yes.

Worried about Bedlam...not so much.

One thing was abundantly clear, and that was the high expectations for the upcoming season.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer ALL the questions. We ended up with 491 responses, but only 455 completed all the questions, so those are the ones we used.

Let's get right to it. I'll have commentary following each question's results.

Question 1...

OSU's first loss will be _________.

Answer Options Response Percent
TCU 31.8%
Dude, I'm swimming in the Kool Aid of an undefeated season! 24.2%
@ West Virginia 23.8%
@ Texas 9.3%
Baylor 3.8%
Kansas State 2.3%
Bowl Game 1.3%
@ Central Michigan 0.8%
@ Iowa State 0.8%
Oklahoma 0.8%
@ Texas Tech 0.6%
Central Arkansas 0.2%
UTSA 0.2%
Kansas 0.0%

My goodness, Kansas. How bad can you possibly be? Rodney Dangerfield got more respect than that.

Besides that (and we filtered as much as we could for "trolls" in the survey), there's no way there are that many rational fans that think the Cowboys go undefeated. Seriously. You need help. LOTS of help. I'm not even sure help will make a difference at this point.

Oh, and how about that road trip to Morgantown?

Question 2...

In conference play, these games are the most likely wins. If OSU is going to lose any of these games, which ones are most likely to be losses? (Select more than one if applicable)

Answer Options Response Percent
@ West Virginia 76.5%
@ Texas 43.5%
Kansas State 16.7%
@ Texas Tech 13.8%
@ Iowa State 9.2%
Kansas 6.8%

Kansas, at least you registered some votes on this one.

These responses are fairly predictable, but I was surprised by the number of you that have Morgantown marked as a trouble spot for OSU. I guess I'm not alone on that one...

Question 3...

Kansas and Iowa State are pretty much guaranteed wins. If the Cowboys are going to stumble, who is most likely to pull the upset?

Answer Options Response Percent
Kansas 8.8%
@ Iowa State 91.2%

There's just not much to be said about this.

Question 4...

The Cowboys hit the lotto this season, getting TCU, Baylor, and OU in Stillwater. In which game are you most confident in a win?

Answer Options Response Percent
Oklahoma 57.7%
Baylor 36.7%
TCU 5.7%

Almost 60% confidence in a Bedlam win in Stillwater? How far the mighty Sooners have fallen...

Question 5...

If I could go to any conference road game this season, I would travel to _______.

Answer Options Response Percent
Texas 53.6%
West Virginia 35.9%
Texas Tech 5.7%
Iowa State 4.8%

76% of you think Morgantown could be OSU's first lost, but 36% of you want to go see it.

Sick, sick bastards, all of you.

Question 6...

The conference home game I am most looking forward to is __________.

Answer Options Response Percent
Oklahoma 56.6%
TCU 28.7%
Baylor 12.4%
Kansas 1.5%
Kansas State 0.8%

If you had told me when I was a kid that almost 2/3'rds of OSU fans would not only be looking forward to Bedlam, but also have confidence in a win, I would have sent the cops after you for being drunk and disorderly.

Question 7...

What will be OSU's conference record?

Answer Options Response Percent
7-2 32.8%
8-1 23.3%
9-0 21.6%
6-3 18.2%
5-4 3.0%
4-5 1.3%

Almost 78% of you think OSU goes 7-2 or better in the Big 12.


Question 8...

What will be OSU's regular season record?

Answer Options Response Percent
10-2 33.3%
11-1 21.8%
12-0 20.3%
9-3 17.2%
8-4 5.5%
6-6 1.1%
7-5 0.8%

75% of you are expecting double-digit wins. Ok...but 12-0?? Not even I'm dumb enough to go down that path.

Can they beat all the teams on the schedule? Absolutely. Will they beat all the teams on the schedule? No freaking way.

Question 9...

If OSU goes ______, it would be a disappointing season.

Answer Options Response Percent
8-4 41.3%
7-5 33.8%
9-3 13.6%
6-6 or worse 11.3%

There's a part of me that thinks 9-3 is not a totally ridiculous response, but then I take that part of me and beat it to death, chop it up into small parts, and bury it in a field somewhere in NJ next to Jimmy Hoffa.

Question 10...

"Oklahoma State Football will win the Big 12 in 2015." How confident are you in this statement?

Answer Options Response Percent
100% 9.0%
90% 10.9%
80% 17.2%
70% 15.1%
60% 10.5%
50% 11.1%
40% 7.5%
30% 9.2%
20% 3.8%
10% 3.1%
0%...this is nothing but a pipe dream 2.5%

Almost 75% of you are 50% or higher. You have obviously eaten the Reindeer's droppings...

Question 11...

"Oklahoma State Football has a realistic shot at the College Football Playoff in 2015." How confident are you in this statement?

Answer Options Response Percent
100% 8.7%
90% 5.3%
80% 9.1%
70% 13.1%
60% 6.6%
50% 12.9%
40% 9.1%
30% 10.2%
20% 8.5%
10% 8.3%
0%...this is nothing but a pipe dream 8.3%

You guys obviously had some difficulty defining "realistic shot." The Cowboys would have to go undefeated. You do understand the odds of that happening, right? (Looks at other responses on the survey, shakes head, pours another drink)

Question 12...

Will the Big 12 Champion go undefeated in conference play?

Answer Options Response Percent
Yes 36.3%
No 63.7%

Sanity, finally.

I promise, we'll figure out in the future how to better filter for the outrageous ballot box stuffers, but still a fun venture none the less. Thanks again to everyone for participating!!