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Let's go out on a limb....

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We asked our staff, if they were going to gamble on a crazy prediction, what might that prediction be?

Ask, and we definitely received...

To get things going, I'm going to "take a flyer" on these 10 predictions:

  1. The Cowboys start the season 10-0 and are ranked near the top 5 nationally;
  2. Mason Rudolph is held out of the Kansas game because of the flu, and JW Walsh passes for 310 yards while rushing for 205, breaking Brandon Weeden's single game record for total offense (502 yds);
  3. Either Jeff Carr or Jalen McCleskey will start at least one game;
  4. Ramon Richards will return at least one interception for a TD;
  5. Someone other than Ben Grogan will make a FG this season;
  6. With a nod back to the pre-Holgorsen days, OSU will average the same number of yards on the ground and in the air;
  7. The defense will pitch 2 shutouts in conference play;
  8. Jordan Burton will lead the defense in tackles;
  9. OSU will return at least 2 opening kickoffs for TD's;

    and last, but not least...

  10. OSU will blow out OU in Stillwater to win an outright Big 12 title, go undefeated, and make the CFP
Now for the rest of the craziness...and I do mean craziness...


The Big 12 puts two teams in the playoff and we have Baylor vs Oklahoma State for the title.

Robert: Now that's what I call taking a flyer...and I'm only for it as long as we win.

Chris: Haha, going straight to lottery odds


carsonfor2,00 yards

Robert: Gonna need some translation on that one...

Gerald: WOW did I have a stroke? Carson for 2,000 yards.

Robert: It was Josh's prediction. Your mind was still trying to process...


Sweet Sixteen this year! All hail, Travis Ford!

Robert: This is for football, sorry if I didn't make that clear, but I hate/love this prediction so much that I'm going to run with it...

Drunk Gerald

okstate wins evry nat'l title every sport

Obviously drunk Josh

Kansas has a winning record this year and beats OSU on homecoming.

Robert: Armageddon. This might be the worst prediction ever. I said flyer, not insane.

Happy Nick

Emanuel Ogbah will win earn All-American honors and win DPOY...Mason Rudolph will win the Heisman...OSU will make the playoff.

Depressing Nick

OSU will go 8-4...OSU will lose to Iowa State again...West Virginia will beat OSU by 40


Jordan Burton wins newcomer of the year...Ogbah wins a national award...Kevin Peterson wins Jim Thorpe award...Oklahoma State blows out OU in Stillwater to win their second outright conference championship.

That's it for us. Give us some of you "flyer" predictions in the comments, serious or fun!