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Frogs in the house.

BIG frogs...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Now it's time.

Up to this point, the Cowboys have had a couple of road games that could provide potential difficulty.

From this point forward, however, the path becomes far more treacherous, beginning with TCU paying a visit to Stillwater, and for the first time our pickers are split between Debbie downers and KoolAid consumers.

OSU 31, TCU 30

This has the makings of an ESPN Game Day broadcast if both teams are undefeated, and I think they will be.

This will be a relatively low scoring affair, as both defenses manage to slow down very good offenses. I'm calling for the Ben Grogan game-winning FG as time runs out, setup by a Jeff Carr punt return that provides a short field. Gundy will pull out his conservative hat as the Cowboys are already in FG range after the return and TCU has no timeouts, so he just wants to burn clock and take no chances.

The Cowboys are now in control of their own destiny as far as a Big 12 championship is concerned, and ghosts await OSU in Ames.

OSU 38, TCU 35

OKState nails a FG as time expires and the nation finally begins to pay attention to the Cowboys. Rudolph starts gaining Heisman hype as he leads OSU to a two touchdown second half comeback.

Chris: You all are drinking.

Robert: And???

OSU 41, TCU 39

Brogan hits game winner in final minute to win. Because fuck you Chris.

Robert: I'm seriously laughing at "Brogan."

TCU 45, OSU 42

I will be wearing a purple shirt because I lost a bet on last year's game. I will be cheering for OSU. TCU will pull out the win 45-42 in the final seconds of the game and we'll all be sad.

But if Colin's comes true I would be down with that. #ChrisistheBaylorofCRFF

TCU 42, OSU 38

I have OSU losing one of the big three home games to end the season, and I think this is the one. Boykin and Company prove to be just a little too much for the Pokes, as the Frogs come in undefeated and ranked in the top 2. Although they hang in there until the end, Rudolph turns one over late to seal it following a long touchdown drive for the Frogs. No such thing as a "good loss," but OSU fights hard and keeps the faithful optimistic with such a good showing against a team steamrolling its way into the playoff.

OSU 65, TCU 63

I've been taking the flyer on an undefeated season for OSU since the beginning, so it's not like I'm going to stop now.

In what most people expected to be a defensive battle, both TCU and OSU decide to have a shootout, matching each other score for score. Rudolph, Washington and Carr all have record breaking nights as well as Trevone Boykin. However, a Heisman front runner will switch places with a Heisman darkhorse, with all trophy talk focused on the sophomore from Stillwater.

Here's how the game will play out.

TCU will trade scores with OSU but will look like its pulling away, going up 56-42 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. However, Rudolph engineers a Heisman worthy comeback, scoring back to back touchdowns to tie it up. TCU then answers, going up 63-56, and forces a three and out. A miracle occurs and the punt falls on the one yard line, pinning TCUs offense. Glenn Spencer's fired up defense forces a bad snap, and Trevone Boykin must fall on the ball for a safety. Now it's 63-58. By this time, there is a minute and a half left for a drive. Rudolph drives the Cowboys to the TCU 5 yard line. On what will be considered one of the craziest play calls ever, OSU brings out JW Walsh in a two quarterback set, having Rudolph throw a fade for a touchdown to JW on a pump fake with 3 seconds left, making it 65-63. TCU fails to return the kick and the game is over. Fort Worth is quiet, the world is shocked, and several couches are burned for the hell of it in Stillwater.


Oh...and the field is rushed.

TCU 35, OSU 31

If the Cowboys want a shot at the conference crown, they're going to have to beat either TCU or Baylor. That's what it's going to come down to. They have to win one of those games.

I've been thinking that win would be over Baylor. The Bears just don't play well in Stillwater, and OSU hung around a lot longer than expected last season.

However, I'm starting to think they may need to beat TCU. Take a look at any list of the top players in the conference, and Baylor makes up half of it. That's just scary.

TCU on the other hand may have some cracks in the armor. Linebackers are a question mark, and the secondary had a couple of issues last season.

This game will be strength on strength, but ultimately will come down to who has the better offensive game plan. Who are you taking, Yurcich or Meacham?

TCU 48, OSUU 38

Sorry, this isn't Oklahoma State's year like I've led you to think it is.

Josh: OSUU = Oklahoma State Unitarian University

Robert: That will be his out. When OSU wins, he'll say he never actually picked them to lose. Brilliant.