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We think not.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

If the Cowboys have dropped a game prior to this trip, I'm confident in a comfortable blowout.

If not.....

OSU 52, Iowa State 17

Squinky doesn't work on Saturday in Ames.

Now come two huge sellouts in BPS with the conference title on the line.

Iowa State 91, OSU 13


OSU 45, Iowa State 17

This game doesn't even matter. Let's get to the big ones.

OSU 56, Iowa State 42

This game gets a lot closer than anyone of us want to think about. It's a night game with OSU still undefeated, and crazy things happen in Ames at night as we all know. But this ISU team in its current form is not enough to stop OSU. Now onto the really, really important games.

By the way, this game will be scary as you know what if we are 9-0 coming into a night game at Ames. I'll need a new set of shorts after this game if that happens.

Gerald: there's about a five percent chance they make this a night game.

Robert: I'll hide...and I'm not watching.

Gerald: 42-19, that's the average score of every OSU vs ISU game since 2011. 2011 was probably, technically, a win if some people weren't stupid. Unless we're talking about basketball, ISU is really not a threat.

43.8- 16.4 is the average if you don't count 2011. This game is literally a game we don't need to worry about.

Robert: I thought we had a rule against specifically mentioning that game ever again? I only gave a pass for those who were predicting OSU to be undefeated at this point. From the original email requesting predictions: "For those of us just rolling along with the undefeated season, you are free to call up the ghosts of Ames past without fear of reciprocity."

You predicted a loss to TCU, so you are in clear violation of the rules. Don't worry, you'll probably suffer the same punishment as Briles, which is basically nothing.

OSU 52, ISU 24

Now to more important news in the state of Iowa on this day, the wrestling team\ beats Iowa!

OSU 42-ISU 17

OSU is angry coming of the loss to TCU. They take some of that anger. The game that happened before (*cough 2011 cough*) is brought up many times but we do not see a repeat of that. The offense has a huge day and the defense shuts ISU down.

OSU 49 ISU 21

No Squinky sightings this year in Ames. OSU improves to 8-2 with two big home games upcoming. Rudolph has a big game with 350 yards and 4 TD's. Carson and Childs each score a touchdown too. Defense gets a couple turnovers, the fan base is feeling themselves with Baylor coming to town.

Then Josh changes his mind...probably had a nightmare about 2011...

OSU 31 - ISU 24

This one is scary close just because I have a bad feeling and that means something - right?

Rudolph struggles but key vets step up and the Pokes win.