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The Piesman Trophy exists and Oklahoma State has a player on the watch list

It's all that matters in college football

Stop the presses, there's some news that seems to have gone unnoticed recently. SB Nation recently dropped a great nugget of news this summer, announcing what will be called, The Piesman Trophy.

Yes, it's real. Yes, there are actual voters for a committee (24 to be exact), with only six being from SB Nation while the others hail from the Associated Press, and the New York Giants (Geoff Schwartz). So there are voters, there is a committee, there will be pie, but what is this?  How will the winner be decided? Here's what SB Nation says about the Piesman Trophy:

"The Piesman Trophy will be awarded for the best play in which a lineman throws, catches, or runs with the ball, because those are things linemen don't usually do. The play can come from any level of college football, from FBS to Division III."

The committee will be looking for these plays throughout social media using the hashtag #PIESMAN and the winner will be announced in New York City on Dec. 11, 2015. The only thing missing from this thing is a watch list.

Oh wait, there is one. A few weeks ago, CRFF campaigned shortly for the 6-7 tackle out of Oklahoma State, Zach Crabtree.

A redshirt sophomore from Mansfield, Texas, Crabtree seemed to agree by retweeting the Tweet. In 2015, Crabtree and the rest of the offensive line will look to keep sophomore quarterback Mason Rudolph on his feet as the Cowboys try to compete for a Big 12 title.

But why Crabtree and not anyone else on the line? Well, he's tall and (according to the official roster) weighs in at 305 pounds. Could you imagine him with the ball in his hands? It took OSU coach Mike Gundy four years to take advantage of James Castleman, but when he did, it worked. There's probably no way it doesn't happen again in 2015.

Also, he's the only other Big 12 player on the list that doesn't go to Baylor.