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Gundy releases depth chart for Central Michigan game

No huge surprises, but a couple of minor tidbits that should tweak our collective interests.

McCleskey is one of 2 true freshman that have nailed down starting positions for the Cowboys
McCleskey is one of 2 true freshman that have nailed down starting positions for the Cowboys
Jim Derry, The Times-Picayune

Let's get right to the good stuff.

First, the offense and defense:

OFF-DEF Depth Chart

Couple of notes here, although mostly nothing we didn't already know or anticipate...

  • Chris Carson gets the nod at running back and true freshman Jeff Carr nails down the 3rd string, which means he'll get some carries, especially as the season goes on;
  • Blake Jarwin and Jeremy Seaton get the "or" tag at Cowboy back;
  • Motekiai Maile gets the starting DT spot vacated by Villi Levini's injury, but true freshman Darrion Daniels, who's had a great fall camp, will see playing time at #2;
  • Jordan Burton, as expected, will start at the "star" LB position;
  • True freshman Jalen McCleskey gets the backup role behind David Glidden, which means he will definitely see the field on offense;
I have to say, as I look over this list, I feel like the Cowboys have depth and talent at almost every position. It's going to be very interesting how much time the Cowboy backs spend on the field, as that takes away one of the WR positions in most sets.

The most interesting development, however, may be on special teams...
special teams depth chart

The two true freshmen, Carr and McCleskey, have received a lot of press courtesy of the coaches and other players raving about their speed and playmaking abilities. For either of them to rate a starting position, much less both of them, with so many veterans available, speaks volumes about what the coaches, and particularly Gundy, think of their skills. Not to be ignored, Zach Sinor taking over punt duties will be a significant thing to watch.

We are a week away from our first OSU game day, and this won't make the week go any faster.