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If you're not sure how we feel about Baylor, go here.

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We're cruising along. Let's see who keeps OSU undefeated after a visit from the team we all love to hate.

Baylor 48, OSU 41

Unfortunately, this is where I think we fall off the wagon.

Baylor will be good, and as much as I dislike them, I think they pull off what will be a mild upset by the time we get to this point.

Just know that in my heart of hearts I believe we will win, but we'll have a better shot at this if I predict a loss.

Get it? That's some old school Oklahoma State fandom right there...

Biggest thing coming out of this game will be health of the team as they prepare for a Bedlam clash that will have Big 12 championship, and potentially CFP, implications.

OSU 38, Baylor 37

Those bastards haven't won on Stillwater since 97. Screw them, Pokes win.

We are presuming King meant 1897, which is not far off. The last time Baylor won in Stillwater was 1939 (13-0). The last time they beat OSU in the state of Oklahoma was 1942 (18-12 in OKC). History 101...after losing the opening game of the series 60-0 in 1914, the Bears took the next 8 games, ending with the 1942 contest. The series picked up again in 1972 with an OSU victory (20-7), and OSU owns an 18-5 advantage in those last 23 contests.

Baylor 39, OSU 35


Robert: Be sure to duck on your way out.

OSU 56, Crybabies 24

Stillwater remains Baylor's trip to the woodshed.  And now I vote we take Gerald there.

Robert: I'll second that.

OSU 41, Baylor 17

The controversy grows and takes its toll on Baylor as they crumble to pieces. OSU wins easy in Stillwater.

(CRFF can confirm that this is Josh's only prediction this week)

OSU 49, Baylor 35

LOL, am I the only one that still has an undefeated season?

Baylor will scrape its way to an undefeated record before now, but a questionable quarterback in Seth Russell will have his weaknesses exposed by a now lethal defense by this time in the year. The Bears are also constantly dealing with the aftermath of what's going on right now, and the team has trouble focusing, committing several turnovers and turning the game in OSU's favor. The hype for a Heisman making its way to Stillwater once again is real, and the sophomore quarterback is one win away from making it a reality.

Robert: Not sure 35 points is indicative of a lethal defense, but you still have OSU undefeated, so I'm on board.

Zach: Although I didn't have it in my initial prediction, I am assuming that they keep Baylor to 21 points for the majority of the game, try to mount a comeback with two touchdowns, which makes it 42-35. OSU then puts its first team in to seal the deal and they score another quick touchdown. Shawn Oakman gets juked out of his shoes by either Jeff Carr, Rennie Childs or Chris Carson. Subsequent memes are made.

Robert: I'm pretty confident that if the score is 42-21, the first team will most definitely be in the game. And yes, a meme of Oakman getting de-pantsed or de-cleated would be desirable.

Gerald: Look, I believe Oklahoma State is better than Baylor. But, I know OSU can't win both BU/OU games. So I'm picking the lesser of two evils.

Robert: Sure, now you say that...

Zach: If one of the two were away games, I'd believe you. But I honestly believe we are better than both teams and having both at home will give us an even better chance. I'm also saying it's late in the game, I think a 21 point lead would be enough to take the first team out initially.

Robert: No way, Gundy will pile on Baylor and Briles, just like he did in 2013.

Josh: I hate Baylor.

OSU 42, Baylor 41

For me, I have more confidence in this game than I do for the OU game. Mainly because I think our defense knows their offense pretty damn well. Last season was an anomaly, basically spotting them 14 points before the game was even going. I think Russell will struggle, as Bryce Petty did in 2013. Russell is going to be a good quarterback, but I don't think he's close to being the defensive surgeon that Bryce Petty was. OSU's offense is going to be incredibly dynamic, and I think Baylor will struggle with that. Not to mention it's in BPS, and we HATE them. Don't make me write another Baylor hate article...

Robert: If Bryce Petty is a defensive surgeon, he should have been sued after this...

OSU 41, Baylor 17

BU smiley face

Josh: I like where your head is at, Nick.

Nick: It also means it will be cold as balls though...