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Leaked Helmet Is Real

It seems Oklahoma State has a new helmet, something we have known for a while but now have a clear picture.

Pistols Firing

A while back, our Colin Price did a helmet and uniform post, referring real pictures and fan uniform concepts for Oklahoma State.

One of those pictures was real, but it was uncertain if it would actually be released and we'd only seen one picture for it. This morning, Pistols Firing put up this post of the helmet. It could be easily described as the orange chrome helmet from last year, only white, with a gray chrome stripe through the middle. This picture gives us further proof the helmet exists, making it 14 total helemts for OSU.

A few weeks ago, it was confirmed with me through a source close to the program that Oklahoma State would actually be using this helmet this year, possibly when visiting Lubbock or Morgantown. Personally, a uniform match up against the Red Raiders would be the funnest but releasing a new helmet against WVU would also be exciting, given the atmosphere of the program.

Of course, it could debut at any other time, but given it is white, I expect to be during a road game.