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I usually throw out some miscellaneous college football thoughts prior to the season, a sort of "cleaning out the closet," so to speak.

Here's 2015's entry...

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I tweeted this out earlier today...

This has to be a record of some kind...most games played as the starting QB BEFORE playing a home game?

Kirk Herbstreit provided some fodder for conversation:

Pretty much...

Herbie also came out with this jewel that all OSU fans will love:

I don't know about that Herbster...

Honestly, it kinda blows my mind. This guy was the 2014 DL of the Year in the Big 12 and Shawn Oakman gets picked for stuff because of a picture. many points does OSU need to score AT A MINIMUM in each of the first three games for us to be satisfied and comfortable heading to Austin? I say 50. I could be talked into 60...

I know we are all eager to see how Yurcich handles the offense now that he's got a couple years under his belt and plenty of weapons, but I'm really intrigued to see what Greg Adkins can accomplish with the offensive line. As for Legos, I'm still convinced Gundy puts the lid on the playbook when he's skiddish (2nd half of the Cactus Bowl, anyone?), so how the OL performs and how much Gundy grabs the leash will have more to do with how the offense performs than Yurcich. We've seen what happens when he's got available talent and full reign.

If McCleskey fair catches his first punt return, I'll put my foot through my TV. (not really, but I'll be very upset)

Also, we should take up a collection, then contact the special teams coach for Central Michigan to see if he can be bribed. Don't be kicking away from anyone, buddy, especially if it's the opening kickoff.

I truly hope Chris Carson, Rennie Childs, Jeff Carr, and Raymond Taylor excel in the backfield, because I'd really like to see them run over and around Shawn Oakman in November. Wouldn't mind seeing Victor Salako pull out to his side on a few running plays. We'll see how tough he is when he's not delivering cheap shots.

If you had to pick one group to go off in the first game, would it be Rudolph and the WR's, or the RB's? I think RB's, as it's been a question mark, and it will only make Rudolph's job easier.

Who averages more YPC...the WR's or the Cowboy Backs?

Who snags the first pick six?

IMO, Peterson should sit this one out, or get very limited reps. Two weeks off a scope, can't imagine he's healed.

Really interested to see what TCU does on the road at Minnesota. Also curious to see how Harbaugh does at Michigan.

It was only FCS, but how about that game between NDSU and Montana? What a way to start the season.

Who scores more TD's...special teams, or the defense?

We've been treated to the positive, fairly open, and jovial Gundy this year. When's the last time he was like this? 2011? 2013? Or is this a completely new version we've never seen before?

Who do you want to see first on Thursday night...the offense, or the defense?

And won't really be football season until we see our first "Picks from Joe's."

Hope to see some of you this Thursday for the game!