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NewsOK Has Some Pretty Awesome College Football Previews

One of the last college football previews that you'll absolutely need to grab

Although the season is only a few days away, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking to read every college football preview available. And while some might have better predictions for your team than others, more features, or more in-depth stats, there's pretty much a guarantee none of them have what the Daily Oklahoman has.

The NewsOK Sports account (@NewsOKSports) Tweeted out pictures of its Sunday paper this morning, including pictures of Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley and more.

Here's Rudolph as Luke Skywalker and Lincoln Riley as.. well I'm not entirely sure who they're trying to say he is, but he's clearly on the dark side, which makes sense.

Better look at Mason Rudolph as Skywalker:

But why stop at Oklahoma schools? Here's a look at TCU coach Gary Patterson and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer:

The paper is out now, so you should probably go pick it up at news stands around Oklahoma.