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Buy or Sell: Can OSU keep Central Michigan below average?

Oklahoma State has touted its renewed strength at defense during the offseason, so will this translate into a good showing against the Chippewas?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

During most of last season, Oklahoma State's defense struggled to keep a cap on offenses. Whether it was big plays or allowing opponents to convert on third down, an inexperienced and injury ridden defense coupled with a stagnant offense made it difficult to keep opponents from scoring.

Now, with very few injuries and depth at almost every position except interior defensive line, the defense for OSU looks to once again dominate the field. With an away game against Central Michigan as the first game of the season, the Cowboy defense will be tested early and often.

Although most assume that OSU's defense will have no problem, the Chippewas enter this game with potential and mystery, two things that keep defensive coordinators up at night. CMU lost plenty off offense with graduating seniors after last season, but returns a QB that shined at the end of the season as well as a running back that performed well at times for the Chippewas. Even though they lack much experience across the board on offense, with a decent quarterback anything can happen.

Buy- OSU keeps the CMU offense under their points per game average from last season

Last season, the Chippewas averaged 26.9 points per game. With the loss of offensive talent, it will be tough for CMU to average this much, especially facing a hungry Cowboy defense.

Against a weak running game, the Cowboys will excel. With Ogbah and Bean rushing off the ends and the interior lineman at least giving a push, OSU's secondary and linebackers will have a field day with inexperienced wide receivers and a veteran QB.

Sell- OSU lets CMU score more than than their previous points per game average

With a defense with glaring holes at the defensive interior, a creative Chippewa offense can take advantage. If CMU is able to get a solid interior running game open, linebackers and the secondary will need to come into the box to stop the running game, opening up passing lanes.

Although the secondary comes back with more experience, Peterson and Lampkin are prone to injury and Peterson might be sitting out for this game as well. Without the senior CB, CMU QB Cooper Rush could find holes and take advantage with a few touchdowns.

Couple a solid enough running game and a few choice touchdowns through the air, the Chippewas might just be able to score more than 27 points and surprise the Cowboy defense and its own fans.

So what do you think, Buy or Sell?