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Tickets, Tickets, and More Tickets...Cost of Attendance

I posted something on Land Grant Gauntlet about the most expensive tickets available for college football games. In doing so, I put together the same thing for both the Cowboys and the Sooners.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Here they are, the least expensive available tickets for every football game for both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State for 2015, courtesy of Stubhub:

OSU Ticket $$ OU Ticket $$
@CMU $19 Akron $48
UCA $23 @Tenn $160
UTSA $23 Tulsa $50
@UT $60 WV $96
KSt $59 UT $235
@WV $68 @KSt $80
KU $42 Tech $86
@Tech $41 @KU $26
TCU $51 ISt $54
@ISt $11 @Bay $112
Bay $59 TCU $112
OU $143 @OSU $143
Season $550 Season $465

So let me make one quick observation...

If you're an OSU fan, and you opt for the "season" ticket package, you're spending unnecessary money. You can buy all the individual home games (7) for the available price of $400. (The season ticket price listed is from Stubhub, not OSU).

Now I realize the seats would probably be different every game, and are likely all over the place, but you're saving $150. I can think of a lot of things to do with $150, as long as I'm not sitting in the visitor's section.

OU's equivalent is $446 (only 6 home games vs OSU's 7), and the "season" package comes in at $465. The average available ticket for OSU is exactly half that for OU ($50/$100).

Oh, while we're at it, let's take a gander at that $11 price tag for the Cowboys' game in Ames, IA. We'll just let that one sit there and marinate.

We shouldn't leave out KU either. Their home game against OU is demanding a whopping $26. The Sooners don't have another game fetching less than $48.

Myself? I'll be keeping an eye on those KState tickets in Stillwater.