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CRFF ROUNDTABLE PREDICTIONS: Oklahoma State at Central Michigan

As we build up to the season opener, the CRFF staff will make predictions and offer commentary for each game on the schedule.

As for the Chippewas, the guys are expecting this fella, along with the rest of the defense, to show some muscle.

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CRFF will predict the scores and add commentary about what we expect to see in the game, as well as what we would like to see (or NOT) from OSU.

  • Score prediction
  • What are you expecting to see
  • What do you want to see (or NOT see) from OSU at this point in the season

Long or short, serious or witty (or both). Join us with your predictions in the comments.

Ok, so here's how it goes...

OSU 55, CMU 3

I'm expecting the Cowboys to dominate, as they should.

I need to see OSU flying around. The defense needs to look tough, and Rudolph needs to look sharp. They came out ready to go last season against Florida State, and I know CMU is a far cry from that, but the offseason excitement needs to show up on the field.

OSU 45, CMU 14

I expect to see OSU jump out to an early 14/17 point lead before allowing a score. CMU is pumped for the game, scores a touchdown or two to make it close before the first quarter ends. However, Rudolph comes out in the second and third quarter and puts the game out of reach as the defense keeps CMU out of the red zone. I expect if this happens, Rudolph and many starters will sit the fourth quarter, allowing J.W. Walsh to come in and score at least once.

I don't want to see Mason Rudolph play the whole game. I want to see the team look comfortable early on, something they struggled with in recent years.

OSU 49, CMU 17

I expect CMU to come out pumped, opening night, new coach, hosting a big boy P5 school they normally don't get to host etc. I can see it being relatively close through the first quarter, and maybe even first half due to that. Rudolph and co will pull away in the 3rd and Gundy will send in the youngsters in the 4th.

I want to see a defense that can't use inexperience and injury as an excuse show up and play a good game and get a couple turnovers. And I DO NOT want to see Rudolph on his back all night. I know CMU isn't some brilliant pass rushing team, but building momentum and confidence in that o-line starts with week one regardless of opponent and OSU needs to show drastic improvement in that regard.

OSU 48, CMU 16

I am expecting to see a suffocating defense do their work on CMU. I put 16 up there since OSU always puts in their 3rd/4th stringers late in the game, sometimes giving up points (e.g. UTSA 2013). I also expect the offense to be fairly conservative in play-calling; Cowboy fans, don't expect anything special until conference play starts. That doesn't mean, however, that I expect them to run draw on third-and-long. If this continues, I will punch a wall. A solid basic scheme can be conservative and effective at the same time. We will see if they tweaked anything.

I want to see Chris Carson show the Cowboy faithful why he deserves his preseason Newcomer of the Year recognition. I also want to see the O-line do their job - if they have trouble against this team, then we have a major problem. Finally, I want to see how the DT spot holds up. I'd like to see some of the freshman DT's play, because they're very important in the grand scheme of things.

I'm also curious to see how special teams goes, and who comes in at that third string HB role. Oh, and don't forget JW Walsh - I'm interested to see if they unveil anything with him in the first game.

OSU 59, CMU 17

I expect Oklahoma State to stumble a little bit early on. First quarter will probably involve a pick or a fumble or a quick three and out. Possibly even CMU scoring first.

I expect this because the offensive line and running game will need to get into sync and get some rhythm going. However, what seemed like a tough first quarter will be forgotten after the offense starts firing on all cylinders and this takeaway oriented defense starts licking down with its superior talent.

I'd love to see all three facets of the team come out motivated and sharp. I want to see Rudolph show he is the field general like we all hope he still is, leading the offense to quick scores. I also want to see the defense get started with a few takeaways, harkening back to the ball hawk days of the 2011 defense.

Finally, I'd like to see Chris Carson and Rennie Childs run all over CMU, showing how potent that combo could be this season.

OSU 45, CMU 24

Offense comes out firing, scores on the first possession and gets rolling early.  Defense takes a drive to settle in and gives up a field goal on CMU's first possession but lock down afterwards.  2 of CMU's touchdowns come in garbage time.

Really hoping to see really solid offensive line play and in turn good production from Childs and Carson.  I really really want to see what they do with JW (Please let it be the red zone "walshing machine" pistol formation).  Oh and i want to see 2+ Ogbah sacks.

OSU 52, CMU 17

I expect to see a fired up defense and it'll show on the field. Of their 17 points, 14 will come after the starters are pulled.

I want to see the offensive line playing like they know what they're doing. I don't want to see Rudolph play the whole game.

OSU ??, CMU ??

OSU wins, but doesn't cover.

Central Michigan punches the Cowboys in the mouth early, and gets an early lead.

The Cowboys have a hard time finding their rhythm. #OKState Twitter explodes with Yurcich hate. By the second half the Pokes are in control, but conservative play calling keeps it closer than anyone is comfortable with.

After the game there's more questions than answers. The sky will be falling in Stillwater, but ultimately the Cowboys have yet to hit their mid-season form.

Also, Thursday night under the lights, ya that shit is always crazy. If you can't avoid the pick, go with the underdog.

ROBERT: That’s a DQ. You didn’t give a score.

CHRIS: 31-20 (We’ll presume he’s indicating an OSU win from his comments above, although I’m not entirely sure…)

ROBERT: Riots will ensue

THOMAS: I will kick a puppy if they only win 31-20

GERALD: Chris, don’t ever change…

OSU 55, CMU 24

OSU's offense comes out early and scores quickly to go up 14-0. CMU makes a push and its 24-10 at the half. In the 3rd quarter OSU's offense turns it on and gets a cushion. No starters play in the 4th quarter. CMU scores some garbage points.

I want to see solid o-line play. Rudolph getting solid protection and the o-line creating holes for the run game. I want to see Chris Carson in action and how the coaches incorporated Mays. I want to see the defense flying around and showing that they can be a Big 12 leading defense. I do NOT want to see a slow start.

OSU 41, CMU 24

OSU takes an early lead but CMU will answer back and head into half down 21-10. After an inspiring half time speech from Mike Gundy the team will come out strong in the second half by scoring 20 unanswered before pulling the defense. The second team folks will give up two scores before the final whistle blows.

I want to see Rudolph play the whole game because I don't want Yurcich to tip his hand at all.

ROBERT: Garbage time or not, if OSU gives up more than 2 scores, I'll have a big problem with that.