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The Quick Draw - Fan Appreciation Day And What To Look For At The Start of Fall Camp

Here's today's Quick Draw, though many of you didn't even notice that yesterdays was missing.

Original photo credit: On The Trail - Flickr - Bill Gracey

Home Brewed News

  • Hey, did anyone realize that football is back? Yeah, it totally is, and Andrew Carter of Fox23 wants you to know what he got from the first day of practice at OSU.
  • Here's the OSU depth chart as we have been told. Now, of course nothing is set in stone so take it with a grain of salt, except for a few of those positions. Tell us, who do you think should be starting at running back?
  • Not to go unnoticed, but OSU upgraded three walk-on players to the scholarship role. Now, I've never got a scholarship like this, but I know how much pressure that would take off me. Congrats to the players.

Pistols Firing

  • The No. 1 defensive end in Kansas dropped his top 10 schools and OSU is in there. The other Big 12 schools in the running are TCU, Oklahoma and Kansas. I expect Kansas to be the first one dropped, though it is his home state team.
  • Fall camp has begun, here are some things you should look for while reading what us media types are saying about practice. I'd also look at who's going to take that second corner spot.
  • We've been spending so much time talking about Childs and Carson, we forgot about the really fast guy, Jeff Carr. Although he'll be the third back, he could do some things that will help with the hole Tyreek Hill left.

The Mothership

The Other Mothership