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Mailbag: Who will lead the team in rushing yards and other fun questions

You all are a bunch of fun people sometimes, you know that, don't you?

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Here's the second mailbag we've done, we hope to get you the answers you want. Thanks for all the questions!


Central Michigan should be the much harder game for the Cowboys. It'll be the first time we see the team and they might take a part of a quarter or so to really start to play like Yurcich and Co., want them to. UTSA is young this year, and though they will put up a fight at times, they won't be able to do what CMU does. Also: CMU has about 15 reasons to fight as hard as they ever have in the opener.

Who's the leader?

I'm going to choose Carson leading the rushing attack, but Childs is right back with him. I think the rushing attack is a lot stronger this year than we are giving them credit for right now. Understandably so, however, there should be some caution seeing as Childs is the only one with real game experience. I want to go with Washington as the receiving leader but I have a good feeling about Brandon Sheperd.

"Serious Questions"

I'd pick these three:

  • Kingsbury because it'll get the women out there to spend the money.
  • Charlie Strong because he'll force everyone else to go.
  • Art Briles because somehow, he'll convince you that the job they did on the car deserves a medal even though they didn't finish strong.

  • Trevor Knight because he's genuinely a good guy, Baker Mayfield as a back up dancer, Sam Richardson for his hair and that's all I've got right now.

Well, since you took out Texas Tech I guess I should pick Kansas.... Just kidding, they won't have a heartbeat this year.

Rudolph to receiver, because he did that before, kick Weeden off unless it's the 2011 Weeden and make Gundy quarterback.

Not a mailbag question, but still, what do you do?

I'd personally just accept death and give up. How about you?