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Oklahoma State Wrestling Versus Iowa At Kinnick Stadium For "Grapple On The Gridiron"

What? We get to wrestle outside? How cool is this!

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Book your plane tickets, ask off for work and reserve your hotels in Iowa for Nov. 14, 2015. No, you won't be going to see the Cowboy football team in Ames, Iowa, as they take on the Iowa State Cyclones, you'll be going a little over two hours to the east.

Today, the Hawkeyes announced that the university will host the Cowboys in a duel that will bring two teams together who have a combined 57 national titles in wrestling. The school also announced this is an attempt to break the NCAA duel attendance record.

"Iowa, the national attendance leader in each of the last nine seasons, is chasing the NCAA dual attendance record currently owned by Penn State (15,996). The Hawkeyes' attendance record of 15,955 (Dec. 6, 2008 vs. Iowa State) stood for five years before the Nittany Lions broke the record against Pitt on Dec. 8, 2013."

For reference to how big this match really is, let's take a look at the Iowa rival, Minnesota and what their SB Nation page has to say about it.

For those of you who don't care what they say at a school that has nothing to do with it, here's what OSU coach John Smith had to say:

"Oklahoma State and Iowa is a historical match. It's got a lot of excitement to it," Smith said. "We usually wrestle it in January, and Coach (Tom) Brands called and said he wanted to change the date and put it on the football field. I said, 'Let's do it.' It's a rarity to open up our season with one of the better teams in the country. I think it's something that will be fun."

This will be the first time two NCAA programs will compete in a Division I football stadium, so make sure you make it to Iowa City for this awesome match up. If that's not enough, you should come to at least see the beginning of Oklahoma State's wrestling season No. 100.