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Why couldn't they be the "University of Central Texas at San Antonio?"

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule makers whiffed on the "central" trifecta, but we won't whiff on our prediction!

And on we go...

OSU 52, UTSA 17

Larry Coker does a great job there, so I expect them to put up more fight than the first two games, although the defense should be stout until later in the game. Offense should continue to roll.

The team needs to look ready for conference play. With a road trip to Austin coming, I don't want to see them stumbling around, especially on offense. The Longhorns D will be a big test, and should provide some answers, especially where the OLine and Rudolph are concerned. Don't want the Reindeer to get the "Garman" treatment.

OSU 52, UTSA 10

This might be the smoothest game OSU has played yet. The offense is looking great, the defense allows a total of five first downs and the touchdown is on a short field thanks to a fumble late in the game by an OSU freshman. The whole team is hyped and the fans/media are going crazy, thinking this OSU team might have something.

However, this is in no way in disrespect to Larry Coker and the Roadrunners, but the Cowboys simply shut them down.

OSU 41, UTSA 14

The Pokes, bored with their easy non-con schedule and the looming trip to Austin, take an incredibly young UTSA team (lost over 30 seniors) too lightly making the game closer than it should be. Off of the talent gap alone though they still win fairly easily. The OSU faithful leave BPS unhappy with what they've seen and Gundy knows he must light a fire for the upcoming first real test of the season.

The defense plays well, forcing 3 turnovers and OSU's turnover margin is something like +6 through 3 games clear improvement over last year. Rudolph plays an efficient game, and Walsh takes over in 2nd half throwing for a TD and running for another. Carson and Childs also run wild. O-line continues to look good against weak opponents only allowing 4 sacks through 3 games.

OSU 48, UTSA 24

UTSA hangs around a bit but OSU is too talented and starts walking away with it until the 4th quarter when 2nd and 3rd string guys make some rookie mistakes. And give up some plays.

All seems underwhelming with Texas looming next.

OSU 56, UTSA 0

The Cowboys pitch their first shutout of the season. Questions about experience at the DT position have by this time been answered and OSU's defense looked more polished than it should be. Rudolph and the run game take over this game early and leave nothing to chance.

I'd love to see a special teams touchdown, maybe from a punt returner that will surprise. Also, I hope by this time, Chris Carson can be shelling out 150-200 yards per game.

OSU 41, UTSA 30

I think UTSA will be much improved from last season and they'll give the Pokes a run for the money. The Pokes will win but it won't feel good. It will be ugly and remind us all of a lot of OSU basketball wins where you're not that happy afterward. I think the defense will struggle especially against the pass as UTSA will throw for three TD's and then tack on three field goals. Rudolph will struggle for the first time all season as he will throw two picks but will still get the job done in the end as OSU will move to 3-0.

While Chris has redeemed himself admirably after his previous prediction, he still insisted on utilizing offensive language in reference to Rudolph, therefore we once again had to redact said offensive language.

OSU 56, UTSA 0

It's starting to get cooler in Stillwater, and Gundy trots out with his pullover tucked into his pants for the first time this season. Before we can smirk in amusement though, cheers erupt from the crowd as Mason Rudolph runs onto the field behind his coach. His BLAH BLAH BLAH wasn't as serious as first thought, and he was back in practice by Wednesday.

Rudolph won't be needed much, however, to dispense with the Roadrunners. Larry Coker faces his first rebuild since launching the program in 2011. With 36 seniors departing, this just isn't the same team that came from nothing to compete for the C-USA title in just two short years.

We'll see the 2's and 3's played early as Gundy tries to take it easy on his old friend.

Robert: Now that's more like it.

Chris: I don't know... Is that a good or bad thing?

Robert: Good, in that I want you around when the season starts.

Zach: I like where your mind is at Chris. I like it a lot.

Graham: I read all of Chris' predictions in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

Gerald: I read that email in the voice of Morgan Freeman

Robert: Solid. Ya think we could get Caliendo to do that? Or maybe as Charles Barkley?

OSU 55, UTSA 13

Roadrunners' offense can't move the ball at all, but score once in the first half off a gadget. OSU's offense looks crisp and leans on their run game. The duo of Carson and Childs gets 170+ yds. Walsh gets early time and impresses.

OSU 52, UTSA 17

UTSA is young and inexperienced and it shows here. OSU shows up and plays well. Rudolph is done by halftime and JW Walsh looks really good in the second half. The running game runs all over UTSA getting everyone excited for the upcoming conference games. The defense looks stout with UTSA's only points coming when the second and third teams are in.

The team and fans are confident going into the Texas contest.