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While he wasn't intentionally trying to drive us over the cliff, Bill Haisten's usual honest and clear assessments of what he was viewing left those of us easily persuaded only one choice...chug the orange KoolAid...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If last night's Twitter reaction to the GOP presidential debate was entertaining, then this afternoon's activity was downright exhilarating.

Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World, who of course covers OSU football, was tweeting away with commentary and observations about fall practice. By the time he was done, I personally was ready to pay whatever was necessary to acquire tickets to the CFP.

I was already excited about the upcoming season, but what Bill did for me today was the equivalent of what Tyreek Hill's Bedlam punt return did for the Cowboys.

It basically pushed me over the edge.

Below is the full list of Haisten's OSU related Twitter conversation, including some responses. You might even see an old friend...

It started quietly enough:

But then came a segment on the Sports Animal where he said Jordan Burton might be the best player on team, even better than Ogbah:

You can catch the entire interview here.

From here, it was all downhill...

At that point, I believe Bill decided to troll me a little bit (not really, but it's a better story that way...)

Talking about Jeff Carr wasn't enough, he had to mention Chris Carson:

Of course other players had to get some love:

I wasn't the only one having issues...

Just a little more...

And our old friend said it best...

I think if I open up an OSU Football KoolAid stand, I could get $100 per cup right now.