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Cowboys Ride For Free Roundtable - A new friend joins in

It's the first real roundtable of the year, so let's get this started off early

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We've already released the Questions with the enemy about an hour ago, so let's dive into the roundtable next. Here you will find the answers to any questions you have, even though you probably won't.


First one of the year! Let's get this thing going! What are you looking forward to most? What is the score and what players should we watch for?


Looking forward to actual football.
Rudolph, Carson, Carr, McCleskey, DT's.


Pawl, I'm looking forward to not being in south Texas, my flight lands at 6:30pm Thursday so I'll miss a chunck of the game. 

Mr. Hot Take Poteet

I'm looking forward to watching all the games. I've taken Saturday afternoons for granted lately. Can't wait to sit on my couch and watch some football. 
As for Thursday - Pokes win pretty easily behind a strong performance from Carson, Rudolph and most importantly, Yurcich. 

Zach Collums

I am looking forward to having a few beers, laying back into the couch and enjoying the sweet, sweet beauty of college football. 
I look for the score to be 77-0, although the it's very unlikely that happens.
I would say my Cowboy to look out for is Carr. If we can get a constant threat at punt return, one that consistently puts us in opponents territory, then this team can be infinitely better than people predict.

Jeremy Golden

Looking forward to seeing the defense, I'm hoping they are in mid-season form.
Score - 59-13
Look out for Ashton Lampkin, I think he will be amped up to be back out on the field and could have an INT or forced fumble.  I'm also interested in seeing Michael Hunter, the Indiana transfer play in the secondary as well.
You have to watch how the coaches use JW Walsh, I expect him to play at least the whole 4th quarter and maybe more (depending on the game flow and score).  But, I want to see how they use him before he takes over for Rudolph.  Do they play him next to Rudolph?  As a receiver?
Get the popcorn ready, it's here.


OK, the Over/Under for this game has been set at 54. What do you take and what's the score?

Josh Poteet

It does. OSU 45 - CMU 20


I have 59-13, so yep, it gets there.

And now for the grand finale.....

OKstate Gents (Yes, that Okstate Gents).

I'm actually interested to see if anybody else plays QB besides Orange-Nose and the fearless leader. I'd assume Kolar would redshirt, but realistically shouldn't we need to be 3 deep? (Ohio State formula)

Oh, and a clobbering to the tune of 56-6.