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All the KoolAid.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Let me tell you, if ANY of this comes true, I'll be almost as happy as I was after 2011...and 2014...

OSU 52, OU 28

Jeff Carr returns the opening kick for a TD, and BPS almost implodes.

Lincoln Riley's Air Raid goes 3 and out, forcing a punt, and Jalen McCleskey returns it for a TD.

Dave Hunziker passes out.

After another 3 and out, Mason Rudolph hits Brandon Sheperd deep for a TD on the first play (this time he loses both shoes). Robert Allen has to be carted off the field.

Another Sooner drive stalls, and on the first play for OSU, Chris Carson runs over two LB's and three DB's for a long TD.

It's still the first quarter, and Gundy is already in his Savannah State Memorial chair on the sideline, preparing to accept the Big 12 championship trophy.

OSU 48, OU 32

OU scores a few touchdowns late but ultimately is no test for OSU. Mayfield has probably the best game of the year but Ogbah keeps Perine and co., controlled. Oklahoma burns down as OU fans don't know what to do after two straight Bedlam losses.

OSU 38, OU 35 OT

History repeats itself.

Robert: If Stoops re-punts again...

Gerald: How mad would every Sooner be?

Josh: I'll elaborate on mine.

I think that OU is overrated and OSU underrated but when Bedlam rolls around both teams will be at about the same level. Bedlam is the craziest rivalry game I've seen in my life. OSU could be 5-6 and OU could be 11-0 and I still wouldn't know who to pick. I'm taking the Pokes this year because they've got home field advantage, a stellar QB and a great defense. It's so tough to predict a game that is three months away but that's why they pay us the big bucks. Rudolph goes 22-30 for 4 TDs and 1 INT in the win that will solidify OSU's playoff berth.

OSU 31, OU 24

Sorry I missed the Baylor predictions (I have them winning that game). Anyways, with so much uncertainty at the QB positions and the fact that OU is going air raid when its best players by far are tailbacks is swaying my opinion heavily. I think OU is in for another 7-5, 8-4 type of season and I think OSU jumps out to an early lead and hangs on to take Bedlam for a second year in a row. OSU finishes the regular season with a very respectable 10-2 record and are firmly inside the top 20.

OSU 45, OU 19

Predicting a November game in the preseason? Pokes win, Mike Stoops face becomes a singularity and takes half the cheerleaders with it, Baker Mayfield throws about 5 picks, Trevor Kinght goes down with and injury getting off the bus, Perine meets Ogbah and quits, horsepig finally gets put down by Pete, and Bob stoops reminds everyone about the Sugar Bowl.

Robert: Ha, that's money.

OSU 42, OU 24

Oklahoma State comes out guns blazing and doesn't let up. They team plays a complete game and the celebrations are epic.

I predicted a 11-1 record but I think it more of a 10-2 season. I think we actually lose to WVU so yeah, 10-2. A very respectable season and OSU will go into next season looking like early favorites.

OSU 56, OU 17

I have a feeling this game is going to have some conference title implications on it, and I think OSU will be up to the task to give a 2011ish beat down. Mason throws for 350+ and 4 TDs, and Carson and Childs run up and down the Sooner defense all night. OSU wins the league outright. OK I'll stop drinking the orange Kool-Aid now. Is it game time yet?

OSU 45, OU 35

This game is a runaway for OSU for most of the game, but OU begins to creep back in the late 3rd quarter, beginning of the 4th quarter. In my predictions, OSU still has an undefeated season. Yes, I do have the orange kool-aid sent straight to my veins through a IV for better consumption. Grogan hits a late field goal to put the game out of reach in the last few minutes and OU fails to score to bring it within a field goal. OSU fans rush the field as this will be their first undefeated since 1945 (yes, I did have to look that up.) Fans in orange everywhere wait to see where we are seeded, with a likely No. 1 seed coming our way.

Call me crazy, but I think this is the season that OSU continues to beat expectations and turn heads at every turn. And yes, any reader is welcome to screen shot this and ridicule me come the end of the season.

Ok State  Gents
OSU 38, OU 24

By this point in the season I have OSU, dare I say it, undefeated. There is no way the hopes and dreams I've had since a little boy will be crushed with a Bedlam loss and Big 12 title/playoff implications (I literally just knocked on wood).

(Somehow Blake Bell gets an extra year of eligibility and scores a touchdown)