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Cowboys Pick For Free

Come join in on the fun

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Are you tired of reading the Cowboys Ride For Free staff pick Oklahoma State to lose? Do you want to see if you're smarter than us so you can rub it in our face for at least a weak? Now is your chance! Returning for the (I honestly don't know so we'll go with fourth) year in a row is the CRFF pick 'em league.

This year we will be picking all Big 12 conference games, along with the predetermined Yahoo! games of the week, which they say go by most interesting choice. You'll pick against the spread (and everyone else) and have until five minutes before each game to pick.

What are the prizes you may ask? Here's a picture:

That's right, there are no prizes, there's just bragging rights, just like you did after coach Stoops decided to punt twice, so don't act like you don't love those.

How to join

Simple. Make or log in to your Yahoo! account, look up the group ID:


Then, it'll ask for your password, which if you're not an OSU fan, I'm sure you'll love:


Now you're in, make your Pick Set Name and you're done. If you have a Twitter, it'd be cool if you use your @ name as the Pick Set Name, so we can recognize you on it if you are to win a certain week.