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Buy or Sell: Will Mason Rudolph pass for over 400 yards against Central Arkansas?

Stillwater legends such as Bobby Reid, Zac Robinson and Brandon Weeden have thrown for more than 400 yards in one game. Can No. 2 be the next name added to the list?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into this season, the passing game was the most hotly anticipated part of a "renewed" Cowboy offense. With Rudolph and his talents along with a Mariana's Trench deep worth of talent at the receiver position, it was assumed that the air would be firmly raided and in control of the Cowboys each game.

Through one game, it hasn't changed much.

Although the Cowboy offense didn't get started until the second half, Rudolph and Co. came out in the second half, giving us a glimpse at what this passing attack could look like later in the season. Sure, there were plenty of drops, but with practice and more game time, hopefully those will subside.

Marcell Ateman was a part of a few of the drops, but showed he might have the potential to finally live up to the hype coming into Oklahoma State. David Glidden returned as the safety valve, showing just how reliable a intermediate threat he is.

Couple all of this with the fact that we've only seen a vanilla version of the offense and the Cowboys didn't start throwing vertical until the second half(for the most part), and you get what could amount to a surprise as well as reaffirmation that this passing offense will perform as advertised.

But can Rudolph join OSU quarterback legends and break the 400 yard mark in his first home game?

Buy- Rudolph passes for 400+ yards

Many factors play into a game in which a quarterback passes for 400 yards. The misconception would be that a quarterback would throw more yards in a blowout because many quarterbacks will get close but be pulled before having a chance to hit the milestone. Also, 400 yards is still quite an accomplishment to achieve. Even with the passing game stronger than ever in college football, hitting such a milestone requires a lot of talent and usually some luck.

But who am I kidding? Oklahoma State is stacked to the gills with talent in the passing game. Rudolph needs no explanation obviously, and the only thing holding Rudolph from hitting such a milestone is the performance of his receivers. With this being the first game, the offense will look sharp from kickoff as well as including more vertical passes and a quicker pace for the offense.

With a run game that is sure to flourish in this game as well, the passing lands for Rudolph should be even more open and prime for plenty of yards.

Sell- Rudolph fails to pass for 400 yards

The nice thing with this buy or sell is that even if Rudolph only gets 399 yards, it will still be a phenomenal game for the sophomore.

Still, as I said above, many factors play into reaching a milestone such as 400 yards of passing. Mainly, the opponent.

With such a seemingly pushover opponent in Central Arkansas, points will be racked up quickly, with some coming from the defense as well. As score climbs higher and the result of the game becomes more sure, the likelihood that Rudolph will leave before the final second ticks off the clock, or the start of the fourth quarter for that matter, increases as well.

There is really no doubt that Rudolph and the Cowboys, with the amazing talent at receiver and an O-line that looks to get one game better, will have a great offensive day in the first home game of the season. But the day might be too good in too quick a time for Rudolph to get a chance at breaking the 400 yard mark.

So, Buy or Sell?