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Buy or Sell: OSU scores 40 points or more against Central Arkansas

Against what most considered a sub-par opponent, Oklahoma State only scored 24 points. With a return to home and, what most would assume, a return to a more potent offense, can OSU put up 40+ against Central Arkansas?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

I am going to take this time to say I am way too excited for the first home game.

The level of excitement can only be described as the days when your parents would take you to a buffet without following you around. You were free to pick whatever you want in whatever order. Sure, you wanted ice cream and a steak at the same time? You had it!

Back to the game at hand. Central Arkansas is not tough competition by any means. The FCS does like to quicken the pace of their offense, but the talent gap is likely to be too wide for this to be anywhere close to competitive.

However, two factors could play into the OSU offense bringing back its high scoring ways. If the Bears continue a high paced offense, OSU could be looking at several more possessions throughout the game. Also, the Cowboys will be home for the first time this season, with the arrival of No. 2 for his first home game.

So can Oklahoma State score more than 40 points?

Buy- OSU scores more than 40

Plenty of signs point to yes.

Although Yurchich is likely to roll out a vanilla offense for at least one more game, Central Arkansas defense looks to be much less talented than Central Michigan's defense. From MAC talent to FCS talent, the drop off will be noticeable early and often.

Yurchich, though, will most likely break out the vertical game quicker than he did in his first game. The Cowboys' offense looks infinitely more comfortable in this way, so expect to see more. Let's not forget about the running game either.

Against a more stout than expected defense and experience D1 football for the first time, Chris Carson looked the part, at least in spurts. He showed the moves and the vision that is typical with better than average running backs. Whether he will become at star this year is yet to be seen, but Carson does have the talent to make defenses look silly and pile up on the scoreboard, so this next game should be a productive one.

A more vertical offense and an improved running game are not all that will be pushing the Cowboys past 40 points. The depth at each skill position, with receiver being the deepest, should show the home crowd how potent this offense will be for the rest of the season.

Sell- OSU scores less than 40

This is obviously a harder sell to choose than in the past. Playing an FCS team that gave up 42 to SAMFORD, the Cowboys should have no problem making it across the 40 point mark.

This is similar to what people were saying against Central Michigan, though. Although Central Arkansas will be much less motivated for this game than Central Michigan was, you can never take any team for granted, especially a team than can run upwards of 80+ plays a game.

This is also another likely opportunity for Yurchich to keep the offense as vanilla as possible, leaving future opponents with as little film as possible going forward. The result will likely be better than what transpired at Central Michigan, but the vanilla play calling could hamper the Cowboys ability to score quickly and often.

So what do you think, buy or sell?