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PREDICTION TIME! Oklahoma State vs. Central Arkansas

Make your predictions for the OSU vs. Central Arkansas game!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Prediction Time returns again for what looks like an exciting Oklahoma State football season. My name is Schultzy, and I'll be your host for Prediction Time this year.

This site has a lot of new readers so I'll go over the rules. I throw down the gauntlet with questions, and you must answer to the best of your abilities. I will pick a winner each week, and not only will you earn recognition in the following week's Prediction Time post, but Whetsell has promised an autographed picture of Thayer Evans. And maybe, just maybe, you'll earn my respect.

Now that you know the rules of the game, let's see what you got. We'll start easy this week. Don't disappoint me.

1. Final score?

2. Who has more rushing yards? Walsh or Rudolph?

3. Who is the leading receiver? As always give me some stats.

4. Who has more TFL? Bean/Taylor or Ogbah/Daniels?

5. Tell me an interesting bit of trivia about Central Arkansas. I know nothing about this school.

6. The number of Ramon Richards missed tackles?

7. O/U on the number of times we hear Walsh and leadership in the same sentence at 10.

8. More sacks given up or more Grogan made field goals?

9. Give the time and the score when Rudolph will be pulled.

10. Defensive MVP?

Bonus Questions

1. Who wins the U.S. Open?

2. OU vs Tennessee score?

Go Pokes!