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Listen To Oklahoma State Football Provided By Learfield Sports

Pistols Firing, the first home game of the season is here!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The season is in full swing, it really is. It's been over 300 days since Oklahoma State played it's last game at Boone Pickens Stadium last year in a November loss to Texas. Since then, Texas has become a dumpster fire and Oklahoma State has seemingly turned things around.

Seemingly. OSU is 3-1 since, including 1-0 this year with a win over CMU. Today's match up is against the University of Central Arkansas, who have a potent enough offense at times to score points. However, other than scaring Texas Tech last year, there's no real recent proof that this game should be a significant struggle for the Cowboys.

However, not all of you are able to make it. While more than 50,000 fans fill Boone Pickens Stadium but you're stuck doing whatever you're doing, you can still listen to the voice of the Cowboys, Dave Hunziker, call Mason Rudolphs and the 2015 Cowboys first home game of the season.

Dave Hunziker Play By Play