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CRFF Bold Predictions

These are the boldest of bold predictions

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It's the time again for #CRFFBoldPredictions. Some of these are just pure fun while others are going to be some serious attempts at getting some props after the game. UCA shouldn't be a challenge for Oklahoma State so I expected some 'funner' Tweets.

Well, this would be... interesting. But if it's anything like the video that the Rawhide Festival released... no it'd just be creepy.

I'm sure he already has his choice of many great friends across campus, why wouldn't the starting quarterback?

If Ben Grogan makes just one kick from 40+ yards, I'll drive him to the Heisman Trophy award ceremony. No, really, I would.

Yeah, no. This might be the boldest of bold predictions. I mean seriously, when was the last time anything happened and the message boards were fine? That's what they're for, fans to get extremely crazy.

Don't forget to send in your #CRFFBoldPredictions each week and leave some comments here before the game with your predictions if they didn't make the post.